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Trump’s VA Nominee Accused of Drinking on the Job

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Former Department of Veterans Affairs chief David Shulkin resigned in disgrace after being engulfed in scandal, but Trump's replacement nominee is now embroiled in scandal and the Senate hasn't even held a hearing on his confirmation yet.

The Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs was schedule to hold a hearing on Ronny Jackson's nomination tomorrow, but the hearing has now been postponed.

According to multiple reports, the hearing has been postponed because the committee has received reports that Ronny Jackson, Trump's personal physician, has a habit of drinking on the job among other things.

Sources familiar with the tales say Sen. Jon Tester's committee staff is reviewing multiple allegations of a "hostile work environment." The accusations include "excessive drinking on the job, improperly dispensing meds," said one of the people familiar, who was granted anonymity to speak frankly about the situation. The other people familiar with the stories also confirmed those details.

If proven true, "it'll sink his nomination," said one of the sources.

In a normal presidential administration, the White House would have vetted Jackson and uncovered these allegations before even nominating him, but this is the Trump regime.

Everything we know tells us the White House didn't vet Jackson's personal qualifications or experience at all, we only know that he gave Trump a clean bill of health during a press conference in January when he said Trump has "good genes."

You would be justified in thinking that's probably the only reason Trump nominated him to run the VA.

Jackson was named to succeed David Shulkin at the Department of Veterans Affairs after Shulkin was ousted last month. Shulkin faced ethical issues and tensions with political appointees within the agency and the White House. A White House official told CNN that Trump was pleased with Jackson's performance in an extended grilling by reporters in January over the President's health and cognitive fitness.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is the second-largest federal agency with an annual budget of nearly $200 billion. It is not a job for a regular doctor, it's a managerial position that governs overs 300,000 employees and treats millions of veterans.

Trump and the White House do not appreciate the responsibility of the position nor does Trump really give a shit about veterans.

As for Ronny Jackson himself, it's possible he has personal demons and problems in his life that, whether it's fair or not, have now been thrust into the spotlight because the White House didn't do it's due diligence by vetting him themselves. The embarrassment of Jackson can also be laid at Trump's feet but it's likely he'll respond to these events with anger at the Senate, anger at the press, and anger at Ronny Jackson. He'll blame everyone but himself.

Everything Trump touches turns to shit.

  • Aynwrong

    How long before the Right turns him into a “folk hero” who became a victim of the liberal media?

  • mnpollio

    The question is why is anyone remotely surprised about this? Jackson’s first brush with national attention was in giving a dubious sycophantic ass kiss to Trump on his great health, when even casual observers can ascertain that the man is mentally unfit for office. Of course, Jackson’s position in the military makes him beholden to the whims of the sitting president, so if Trump has ordered him to go before the cameras and announce that Trump was actually “a lithe and sexy 20-year-old girl”, Jackson would have been forced to do just that. But when this nomination was announced, to say that it did not smack of a quid pro quo/you-scratch-my-back-‘ll-scratch-yours scenario would be an understatement. The fact that Jackson has no qualifications on his resume that would make him a wise choice to head the VA or that he purportedly reigns over a tense work environment does not make him an outlier in this Administration, it makes him part of the norm. Is there anyone on Team Trump qualified for their positions or not responsible for unprofessional behavior? One can be sure that probably the only thing Trump and cronies are concerned about is whether Jackson is malleable enough to take orders to privatize the VA. If he does make it to confirmation hearings, rest assured that Republicans will make sure that we are all aware that they are “very concerned” about his lack of qualifications before they rubber stamp him through.

  • muselet

    I’m less concerned, quite honestly, with Ronny Jackson’s reported drinking. Hell, even improperly dispensing meds isn’t a worry for the head of the VA. The hostile work environment is the most concerning allegatiion.

    Well, plus he has no qualifications for the position in the first place.