Trump’s Wall Will Never Be Completed

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

There's no sign that congressional Democrats are even considering giving Trump money for his fantasy border wall and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been more clear than Trump on the matter, but even if Trump received funding for his wall there's plenty of reason to think it would never become a reality.

According to experts in construction estimation who spoke to the Washington Post, it would take more than 10 years to build a wall that tracks more than 1,000 miles.

The current fight — and now 20-day federal government shutdown — over funding for a U.S.-Mexico border wall could look simple when you consider the logistics of actually building the fabled barrier: It would take an estimated 10,000 construction workers more than 10 years to build the kind of 1,000-mile wall President Trump has said he wants.

Even the more modest $5.7 billion in wall funding Trump directly requested during a prime time Oval Office address Tuesday to address what he called “a growing humanitarian and security crisis” would take an army of 10,000 workers more than two years to build and yield only 230 miles of barrier, according to estimates.

And even at 1,000 miles long, the steel-slatted border wall would still be too small to be a boon for U.S. steelmakers.

A 10-year-long effort to build a steel barrier like Trump has called for in recent weeks would reportedly only account for half of 1 percent of demand for steel over that time period. And, moreover, Trump's tariffs on foreign metal have added a least $1 billion to cost estimates for his wall.

Now, obviously, Trump is not going to be the "president" in 10 years and I personally don't even believe he will be in 2 years.

That doesn't mean we should give him money for his wall to shut him up and reopen the government. This just demonstrates the futility of his efforts.

  • Draxiar

    Every part of me wants that $5.7B to be put towards sustainable energy.

    • Badgerite

      A Green New Deal. AOC rocks.

      • Draxiar

        I’ve been reading about that…it’s quite exciting!

        • Badgerite

          You know. She’s not really radical. What she is is sensible.
          And right. This is long overdue. Bill Clinton ran his first campaign touting infrastructure investment and rebuilding. That never got done because Newt Gingrich and the gop don’t actually believe in investment in the country. And so now we have water supplies contaminated with old pipes that have lead in them.
          Now an infrastructure rebuilding program can be planned and designed around a green revolution. It’s time. Past time, actually.
          That is the thing that will pay for itself overtime, whereas Ryan’s raid on the public treasury tax scam for corporate America will not.
          It is time to redesign our society for the future. trump can take his fast food and cram it up his sorry traitor’s *&^*((^%%*
          A Green New Deal and a new commitment to a new Voting Rights Act should be at the forefront of what this country gets done. And soon.

          • Draxiar

            I could not agree more! I’ve been saying for years that the next industrial revolution is in Sustainable Industries. Energy production alone would be a massive influx of jobs for years (imagine putting affordable solar panels on every house across America). Add in recyclables, electric vehicles, battery technology, garden roofs (as an alternative to solar panels), bullet trains, the list goes on.

            Jimmy Carter was way ahead of his time. He put solar panels on the White House. It was mostly a symbolic gesture but it was important because of the gas shortages at that time. It showed where the U.S. *should* be going. Then Saint Ronnie came in and ripped them off. That one act I credit with setting back sustainable energy for, well, decades now (it’s more involved. Imagine where we would be if 40 years ago people saw what could be done as alternative energy means.

          • Badgerite

            The list does go on. Fiber optic broadband as a public utility provided to rural as well as urban at affordable prices. Have you seen the documentary Gasland? Check it out. It is frightening how the fracking industry was made exempt, by law, from any kind of environmental standards with respect to ground water contamination. Even in Florida, public officials are starting to wake up to the incredible damage done by Darth Cheney and his National Energy Development Policy Group that gutted environmental and regulatory laws. This type of disregard for the environment is going to create massive problems for the future. They are already destroying individual lives with impunity by literally creating water supplies that can be set on fire with a lighter.
            If you have to poison the water supply to get your energy needs met, you might want to look at a different way of creating that energy that doesn’t poison ground water. I’m just sayin’.

          • Draxiar

            It’s things like that which cause me think that being an ecological vigilante is a good idea. Don’t worry, I won’t become that. I’ll focus on composting, growing my garden, and supporting sustainable energy when I can along with ecologically minded candidates. Oh, and teach my daughter to do the same.

          • Badgerite

            Growing a greener world? Excellent.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump’s medieval vanity project is, at best, a pipe dream.

    Quelle surprise.


  • katanahamon

    And by the time it was completed, it would already be falling apart since he hasn’t gotten engineers to design it, merely asked for contractors to supply prototypes. It’s another “emperor’s new clothes” episode. When will we restore sanity? Or will we?

    • Badgerite

      I actually think the gop is being quite stupid here. Since Grover Norquist is and has always been nothing more than a bigoted jackass what trump supporters and gop voters will find the longer this goes on his just how much good government actually does in their lives. You “drown government in the bath tube”, you are going to be drowning a lot of people along with it. Most of the country, in fact. Rural and urban.

      • katanahamon

        Yes, but, since when do we expect either rational thought or analysis from any of them? It’s getting mighty depressing, I would have thought the American people would be demanding some rationality by seems like either no one cares, or the media is only reporting what the right wing does and says, in addition of course to every tweet and word out of Rump’s mouth..

        • Badgerite

          They should. On a continual loop. Also put on some engineers on
          because “wall”‘ is an fffing boondoggle.