Try Again

Picking up where he left off the other day, Atrios writes:

I like cycling and cyclists just great, and certainly support making places more bike friendly, but I also think that cyclists who behave badly make those changes less likely, not more.

Of course! But there are people who behave badly in everything. I don't think singling out cyclists as worthy of having things lobbed at their heads is justified because of the few dicks in the crowd. And besides, let me know when a cyclist injures, cripples or kills a pedestrian or driver due to these maneuvers.

...quite a few (obviously I have no way of quantifying this meaningfully) avid cyclists think that disobeying traffic laws is a justified form of civil disobedience, that the laws in place are really meant for cars and asking cyclists to obey the same ones are unfair.

I've never heard or read about this anywhere. But I have no reason to not take him at his word. Still, wanting to lob things at heads seems to be similarly as obnoxious, as far as statements go.