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U.S. Surveillance and Misplaced Priorities

To hear the privacy extremists tell it, you would think that abolishing government surveillance is, or should be, our top priority– miles ahead of wealth income inequality, healthcare, education, the environment, gun policy, and immigration, blah, blah, blah… Obummer is coming for you!

In the president’s recent speech accompanied by serious proposals addressing these dire concerns of vote-depressing trolls and strange bedfellows everywhere– from Russia to China– President Obama answered the call of the wild, yellow-bellied dude-bro by totally getting “it” and articulating very well the pros and cons of what it is they’re so concerned about.

But, as it turns out, however brilliant in his thorough analysis of where we are and how we got here in terms of foreign and domestic surveillance history– the president’s proposals just didn’t go far enough to free up our national defenses and classified materials for admitted hackers and cyber-terrorists of the world to exploit. Booooo!

If it doesn’t have famed champion of all-things liberty and freedom and privacy– Patriot Act author James Sensenbrenner(R-WI) on board– an expert on giving things names that sound patriotic and then literally turning the lights out while patriotism is being debated, there will be no peace and reconciliation until absolute privacy is a guaranteed right for all, except in cases of rape and incest. See terms and conditions for user agreement.

Which is kind of odd because U.S. surveillance isn’t exactly a high priority for Americans, but more and more just a knee-jerk attack line from the glorified fringe to forever taint the most progressive president in modern history whenever his name is mentioned. You take down that family photo of the Obamas immediately, Obama-lover!

Our actual national priorities in perspective:

Priorities for the U.S. President and Congress in Next Year, January 2014

Priorities, man. Priorities.

  • Norbrook

    What always astonishes me about these idiots is the incredible hypocrisy or depths of naivete they demonstrate. It’s amazing at how they either had no problem with these programs, with even fewer protections, back when Bush was President, or rather blithely wave aside as irrelevant far worse behavior from their “friends.” That this President has been making these programs more tightly controlled, with ever more safeguards doesn’t matter to them, because after all, (he’s black) DRONES!

    The naive assertion that we “shouldn’t be spying on countries we’re not at war with” is beyond stupid. Of course we should, and are. Just as they are spying on us, and yes, that includes “our allies.” Really. They are, and all their “outrage” is more for public consumption than any actual outrage.

    It’s more fun to (hey, did you know the President’s black?) attack this President for various “sins” that they make up, indulge in paranoid fantasies right out of the InfoWars, and bask in the attention. Oh, and for some of them, get a nice paycheck out of it as well.

    Here’s something you won’t hear them worrying about: Amazon is thinking of shipping you items BEFORE you place your order.


    Yes, they have that much information on you, that they can determine what you’re going to buy before you even pull up their site these days.

  • “Obama-lover!”

    Hey! You got that WRONG, Brink! I am, along with my co-conspirators, a motherfucking, unpatriotic, boot-licking, Obama-BOT!

    My off/on switch is on the left side.

    • drspittle

      Doesn’t that make you a crypto Fascist, also too?

      • haha…..absolutely! And I claim with inordinate pride!

    • bbiemeret

      I have no off switch.

  • muselet

    Let’s do a thought experiment, shall we? Let’s assume Barack Obama did what the screechers demand and stopped the NSA from collecting or archiving or analyzing communications data from any American, and from intercepting any communication from any foreign nation (this seems to be the preferred policy position of Edward Snowden). Also, let’s assume the US were attacked by literally anyone or anything (another country, a terrorist organization, a meteorite, a flock of suicidal geese). What would be the reaction?

    Based on past behavior, I’d predict that James Sensenbrenner and the other congressional Rs would fall over one another, desperate to get to a microphone and be the first to announce the filing of articles of impeachment; our glorious news media would commission polls asking whether Obama should merely be impeached or have his head displayed on a pike; and the glibertarians would continue their fact-free carping and sniping from the sidelines (with an additional soupçon of self-congratulation). And the governments of every other nation on Earth would ask, in tones of bewilderment, “What the fuck were those idiots thinking?”

    Henry Stimson—he of “Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail” fame—would be proud.


    • D_C_Wilson

      Let’s not forget the collective orgasm the hosts on Fox and hate radio would have over getting to accuse Obama of sympathizing with the terrorists.

      • muselet