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UN General Assembly Laughs at Trump

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump spoke in front of the United Nations this morning and he seemingly forgot that he was not speaking to one of his rally crowds.

Aside from boasting about this non-existent accomplishments, Trump also denounced "globalism," the International Criminal Court, and international trade. He gave a more dictator-y speech than most dictators usually do. If anyone else had delivered this speech, Fox News would light their hair on fire.

  • katanahamon

    I’m betting he won’t speak to neutral groups anymore. He can’t take the chance of being humiliated ever again. It’s back to Fox, and taxpayer funded rallies, and the anonymity of the keyboard Twitter warrior. I want every publication to print “HUMILIATED” under a big picture of him so he can’t avoid it. You know, when will we bring him down? How many ongoing scandals do there need to be? Paying off porn stars? Fake university? Fake charity? Diverting funds for personal and legal defense? What about oldies but goodies like the 17 million insurance fraud he claimed for no damage at Mar A Lago? Would they have let President Obama do just one day of his antics? If President Obama had been laughed at in the UN, impeachment drafts would be dry before the end of his speech. So..not so funny after all.

  • Aynwrong

    At one point he started bragging about his tax cut. His own voters aren’t even impressed by that but the world’s governments need hear about this.

    Stupid child.

  • Georgie

    His speech seemed like it was just another shout to white nationalism, god I hate this administration and trump.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump clearly mistook the chamber of the UN General Assembly for a ballroom packed with suckers R donors, so he launched into his usual “we’re so great, you can’t imagine how great we are, we’re being treated unfairly” shtick. It’s tiresome, but it’s to be expected.

    The sooner Trump is no longer in the public eye, the happier I’ll be.


    • mnpollio

      Will he ever not be in the public eye? So long as he has access to Twitter and Fox News prostrates themselves on the ground every time he has a brain fart, he will probably be on TV until the day he dies (or kills all of the rest of us).

      • I hope you’re wrong. And since I don’t watch Fox or follow his Twitter account, I can ignore most of vile propaganda in future.

      • muselet

        Well …

        When he’s out of public office and irrelevant again, we can safely ignore his brain droppings

        I just hope Oval Office Apprentice never gets greenlighted.


  • Badgerite

    The gop flatters his rather pathetic ego to try to keep the “stable genius”, you know, stable and to get him to sign their tax bill. Leaders who find it to their advantage to have trump damaging the US do the same.
    The rest of the world doesn’t have any need of him. So they give the appropriate, truthful, human response.
    The US is now, indeed, a “laughing stock.”

    • katanahamon

      I do think it’s him more so than the US..we certainly have to take the blame, but…kids just say the darnedest things!

      • Badgerite

        How in the hell is it that that idiot “wasn’t expecting” the reaction of laughter that he got? Jesus H Christ, the gop must be verbally smooching his tremendous , bigly ass big time.

  • Draxiar

    A microcosm of the world over.