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(Cartoonist - David Horsey)

In other news, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says he did not discuss Trump's fantasy border wall with Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray when he visited last week.

Meanwhile, a Russian programmer has been arrested in Spain on an arrest warrant issued by the U.S. Authorities won't comment, but RT says the programmer may have been involved in election interference. This is odd.

Finally, lawmakers in New York have approved free state college tuition for families with less than $100,000 in income.

New York's Senate approved the $153 billion budget Sunday, a day after the Assembly approved it. The state budget was approved nearly nine days late, having missed the start of the state's fiscal year, which began April 1. The vote in the Legislature ended the lingering budget impasse between New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers.

The tuition plan, which Cuomo, a Democrat, proposed in January, will cost an estimated $163 million. Cuomo said the tuition plan would serve as a national model to improve college affordability.

There have been rumors that Cuomo plans run for president in 2020.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigned this evening, two days earlier than expected.

Here's a story about White House staff panicking because they haven't done shit aside from sign a few vague executive orders.

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  • I LOVED that trailer. The unexpected humor was hilarious. Actually excited for it.

    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      It’s a movie about space Vikings. They can’t take themselves too seriously.

      Nice song choice, too.

      My initial reaction is that they gave away a lot – a lot – in that trailer: Hela, his destroyed hammer, the Hulk fight, Grand Master (Goldblum!!), the destruction of Asgard.. And we can reasonably assume the last Infinity Stone is going to be in play somewhere. I think we might get a bit of the Celestials as well, maybe Thanos, too, toward the end. They’re going to have to explain how Hulk came to be abducted. The Valkyries are going to have to be introduced and explained. There appears to be a Heimdahl (sp?) subplot (maybe he has the stone? It would make sense..). And there appear to be at least a few major CGI battles. Thor’s going to need to grieve over his fallen city. What’s Loki up to? In the comics, Hela is his daughter – will that be a factor here? Plus they’re (probably) going to have to re-forge Mjolnir if he’s going to be geared up for Thanos. Speaking of which, it might be in the Thanos movie, but I would expect it to show up here, that Thanos is going to have to start collecting all those Stones.

      I am tentatively excited, but have concerns it will turn out to be a bloated mess, or that it’ll have to half-ass a ton of plotlines. There’s just so much to cover.

      Also, where’s Odin? Are we finally going to get to see him being a total badass? Any chance of a Doctor Strange role? What about the other Avengers? How is this tied to the other Thor movies or the MCU in general? Might some of the TV series make their way into the movies? I could totally see Legion being at play here.

      • Christopher Foxx

        In the comics, Hela is his daughter

        In the original myth, too. (Give credit where credit is due.)