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Doctor Ben Carson has warned us that Advanced Placement U.S. History will make you want to join ISIS and the Georgia Senate has heeded his warning by passing a resolution to condemn AP History.

Alleging that the curriculum presents a "radically revisionist view of American history," the Georgia Senate is threatening the funding of educational material linked to AP History.

[The] proposed resolution threatens funding for AP U.S. history materials if the College Board does not comply with the state request for revisions. It even would push for elimination of federal funding to the College Board.

The state board also would be directed to explore alternatives to the AP program that would still give Georgia students a chance to earn college credits.

Because the revised AP History curriculum includes sections on moral failings such as slavery, Japanese internment and the use of nuclear weapons, it has been called everything from "anti-American" to a potential recruitment tool for terrorists.

There's nothing patriotic about censoring our history in an effort to convince young students that America occupies an unassailable moral high ground where no harm has or can be done.

I see the collective freak-out over changes to AP History cirriculum as a latch ditch effort to salvage the idea of "American exceptionalism" or at least what's left of it. Two terms of the Bush administration did more to discredit the idea than any history course ever could.

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  • bphoon

    Seems to me that it’s conservatives who are most willing to revise history, what with people still claiming Iraq had WMDs, Obama’s responsible for the poor federal Katrina response, etc.

    In fact, isn’t censoring history curricula of such facts as slavery, Japanese-American internment, Jim Crow laws, US-committed atrocities in Viet Nam as well as Iraq, use of nuclear weapons and such a fine example of revising history?

    Also, Ben Carson’s an idiot.

  • fry1laurie

    As a history major, I know that ALL current history is “revisionist”. All this means is that history examines the past, and gathers new facts and interpretations to explain what happened. This is actually a lot like science: when new facts are introduced, what is accepted science changes. It’s how the world works, and conservatives can’t stand the idea of things changing over time (evolution, history, religion, human society, the list is endless).

  • Nefercat

    “The state board also would be directed to explore alternatives to the AP program that would still give Georgia students a chance to earn college credits.”
    Well, that’s proof that they don’t know anything about alternatives to the AP system. The AP and CLEP programs are the two largest assessors of college-level learning in the country. No university has to accept any exam from either program. They can accept the AP history exam, but not a different AP exam, and so on.

    The likelihood that legitimately accredited universities will accept whatever White Supremacist Jeebus-authorized exams Georgia comes up with are slim to none.

    I suppose limiting Georgia students to sketchy bible colleges won’t be seen as a problem for these legislators, though.