Unleash the Donald

This is happening.


Previously: Rick Perry says Donald Trump offers "nonsense." McCain says Trump has brought out "the crazies."

  • Draxiar

    Wait…McCain, the man who gave us Sarah Palin, is saying Donald Trump brought out the crazies? Sorry John, you opened that Pandora’s Box for the whole country!

  • gescove

    I know these mooks only pay lip service to the Ten Commandments, but I’m a little surprised that they care so little about the 11th. St. Ronald is rolling over in his grave.

  • muselet

    Who knew Republican infighting could be such a beautiful thing?


  • Nefercat

    It’s so embarrassing that everything these loons say and do cannot be confined within our borders.

    • muselet

      Borders? It’s embarrassing that what they say isn’t confined to the locked ward.