Congress Food John McCain Open Thread Racism

Very Serious


Artist – Scott Stantis

Remember the Colorado legislator who claimed minorities suffer from higher rates of poverty because of fried chicken and porno?

One of her colleagues decided to show solidarity with her today by bringing fried chicken to the follow-up meeting of the legislative task force. You know, to make sure it got off to a good start.

[W]ith the task force meeting for the first time since the flap, state Rep. Lori Saine (R) staged what she called a “silent protest” against the uproar generated by Marble’s remarks by placing a box of Popeye’s fried chicken on her desk.

Picard and Riker Facepalm

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Support your colleague’s right to say racist things, and denounce her critics, by displaying a box of fried chicken.

  • formerlywhatithink

    I wish some Dem had gone up to her desk and just started eating the chicken. If she objected, the imaginary Dem would’ve said nothing, just stare into her eyes, and slowly and deliberately keep eating the chicken. And when done, pick up a random paper from her desk, wipe their lips and fingers, drop it onto her desk and just walk away. All without saying a word.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Would have been BRILLIANT.

  • nellcote

    PETA says fried chicken will make her penis smaller.

  • Schneibster

    Jeez, I make my own fried chicken, and it’s deep fried not BS pan fried.

    Seriously. Schneib’s Californiafried Chicken. Eight whole grain flowers and only the finest ten spices and eight herbs, just about all mostly from California (especially the herbs, which are all locally grown on the Central Coast).

    Is there something the matter with me? Should I be worried?

    I’m so confused.


    • Churchlady320

      Sounds fab, but can you leave out the wheat? Gotta go GF and it pretty much sucks on fried chicken…

      Is there something the matter with you? Same as for me. We’re from CA. That’s a disability right there. But I LOVE your recipe. Save for the wheat, of course…

      • Schneibster

        I can’t see any reason not to leave out the wheat, but it actually requires some messing around because it’s actually

        whole buckwheat
        whole wheat flour
        whole bulgur wheat
        all of which provide diverse nutrients, complex rather than simple carbs, and fiber that you will surrender to. I smooth it with masa harina and white cornstarch. My wife complains it wears her teeth down if I don’t put some white cake flour in it, but if you want the pure quill I’m down with you. I’ll put some white cake flour in hers.

        Everybody eats happy when Da Schneib makes Californiafried Chicken.

        I shouldn’t be coy; I also use oat flour and three or four kinds of nut flours, hazelnut, piñon, walnut, and so forth, whatever I have handy. So theoretically I could get rid of anything that’s “wheat,” but I think you should try the natural grains and see if you had any problems, rather than the bleached white or cornstarch etc.

        I’ll tell you, though, that eggbeaters work fine in the batter and in fact generally better than a whole egg. Along with chicken, and whole grains in the batter, this is a low-salt low-fat low-cholesterol food. Which is pretty good for fried chicken if you ask me.