Virginia’s First Transgender Candidate Wins Democratic Primary

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Here's some good news -- Danica Roem, a transgender woman, won the Democratic primary for the Virginia House of Delegates’ 13th District.

Roem is the first transgender candidate to win a legislative primary in Virginia.

From The Advocate:

Asked how her victory feels, she told The Advocate, “It feels like we need to knock on 20,000 doors over the next four months.” She credited her win to her army of volunteers, who canvassed the district heavily and had a presence in all 18 of its precincts today. And volunteers will be equally needed from now until the November 7 general election, she said.

“This is as serious as it gets,” Roem said. “We have a chance to change the narrative.” She did not run for herself, she added, but for all LGBT people.

On the Republican side, Roem will face off against one of the most bigoted men in America, Bob Marshall.

Marshall has, among other things, alleged that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is gay because he ruled in favor of the constitutional rights of gay couples. Marshall also justified his support for an anti-transgender "bathroom bill" by saying men dress up as women so they can spy on women in the bathroom. He also personally told a transgender man that he cannot use the bathroom in the state capital building.

Marshall has occupied the same seat for nearly three decades so removing him will be difficult, but not impossible. His bombastic bigotry may not serve him well when he's facing off directly against a transgender person who the public will see for themselves. There's nothing abstract about a politician calling for limiting the civil rights of his political opponent. Marshall will be forced to either do that or back down.

  • Wildson

    Karma is a MF. Get out the popcorn for this one!!!

    Roem, you go girl and good luck!!!

  • Draxiar

    My hat is off to her! It takes an amazing amount of courage for someone in her position to run for office. Granted, it *shouldn’t* be a big deal but alas, we are not in those times of enlightenment. Someone like her (and so many others) are striving for that time. Bravo!

  • muselet

    It’s going to be a long, uphill slog for Danica Roem, but, no matter the result of the election, she will make it harder for voters in Northern Virginia to buy into the common slanders against transgender people. That alone is a win.

    Best of luck to her in the general election.


    • Given the courage she has shown just to run at all, Roem seems to be up for the challenge

      • Scopedog

        This, 100%.