Voters Blame Reaganomics for the Recession, But Want More Reaganomics

My column yesterday focused on yet another glaring contradiction from American voters.

There's another poll that was released yesterday that highlights a second huge example of this infuriating dynamic.

The latest NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll:

60 percent say President Obama inherited the current economic conditions, compared with 26 percent who blame his policies for the state of the economy.

In other words, a supermajority of Americans blame George W. Bush, and, perhaps, others before him, for the Great Recession.

And rightfully so. The seeds of the recession and the near collapse of the American economy were planted by Ronald Reagan more than 30 years ago. If there's one legacy the Reagan administration left behind -- the legacy that too often gets overlooked when the press discusses the present state of the economy -- it's the dissolution of the middle class, the dismantling of government regulations and massive tax cuts for the rich. The press won't tell you this, but these policies have always been the driving cause behind everything awful that's happened since around 2007. Continued here...

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