“Wall is already being built”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby


If the wall is already being built -- or has already been built -- why did we shut down the government?

Why is he threatening to shut down the government again in three weeks?

Why does he need $5.7 billion for a wall if the wall already exists?

Why is Senator Lindsey Graham recommending that we attach wall funding to the national debt ceiling?

There's virtually no chance the congressional conference committee on homeland security will produce legislation that can pass through both chambers of Congress and satisfy Stephen Miller in the White house. And on February 15th, we're going to find out just how committed Trump is. He's either going to shut down the government again, or he's going to declare an emergency and take his chances in court.

  • Badgerite

    We have just been told by our intelligence community that China and Russia have penetrated our power system grids and could conceivable shut them down at will and he is still harping on “WALL”. That is just friggin insane.

  • Draxiar

    Yup…he just completely annihilated his reasoning for needing funding for the wall and his legal defense for declaring and national emergency (which by virtue of it not being an emergency and flagrant abuse of power it seems that SCOTUS would strike it down…at least one would think).

  • katanahamon

    Seems like we could show that America is less safe during a shutdown, and somehow we could declare that to be an emergency, then impeach Rump. Pretty simple. Next, the second Rump shuts down the government, then the TSA workers, the flight controllers, all employees affected need to walk off the job. Time to stop their ability to use the shutdown as a tool to try to get what they want. Next, Mueller needs to speed up this agonizing process and we must impeach Rump, hopefully Pence too and indict, prosecute and imprison as many of these criminals as possible. (I’ll just go to my happy place where that’s possible for a while…..)

  • muselet

    Either Donald Trump is dog-whistling to The Base—”Don’t worry, pale people, I’ll keep those nasty brown people out!”—or he really is barking mad.

    I’m not sure which possibility is more distressing.


  • gescove

    He is simply bat-shit crazy. Jeebus.