Assholery Chris Christie

Watch Unhinged Asshole Chris Christie Rage Out

This man is an unparalleled asshole.

While Christie sends a thrill up the legs of some beltway pundits, I don’t think “sit down and shut up” (1:18 in the video) plays very well with real people.

I imagine this makes the average viewer want to punch him in the face, not vote for him.

  • nathkatun7

    Chris Christie needs serious anger management help. The way he was drinking that water, he must also be suffering from severe, undiagnosed, type 2 diabetes.

  • muselet

    Yesterday, Charlie Pierce said Chris Christie’s “skin is so thin that, if he swallowed a flashlight, he’d glow like a Japanese lantern.” Judging by his reaction in the video, I’d say that’s an understatement.

    “Unparalleled asshole” indeed.


  • He gets off on the applause of the idiots in the audience who like to see bullies in charge.

    • “Idiots who like to see bullies in charge.”

      I don’t think the population density of idiots is in question.
      Nor, it would seem, is their preference for bullies in doubt.

  • Username1016

    Presidential timber, oh yes indeedy.