Watch for Bicycles, Please


From Canada:

Six cyclists were entangled in a scene of carnage on a Quebec highway Friday as scraps of twisted metal were scattered along a wide stretch of pavement Friday.

Three were declared dead. All were injured.

I can't even imagine what the people looked like in the above crash scene.

Meanwhile, I was in my last miles of a ride yesterday and a car full of teenage bastards pulled up, then, as they passed, drew what appeared to be toy guns, aimed them at me and began firing. I didn't have the wherewithal to get the plate number because I was busily flipping them off while loudly shouting obscenities at them. All I could think of were those incidents in Seattle last year when some asshole was going around firing blow darts at cyclists and joggers. There have been other cases involving paint ball guns. I clearly got off easy.

Adding... How to drive around bike riders. Number 10 is how I got hit by a car back in 2008.