Democratic Party

We Must Chill!

Yes, Jon Tester is an asshole for being against the DREAM Act. But, once again, I feel like Markos is way off the rails again with this:

There are Democrats I expect to be assholes. I never thought Jon Tester would be among them.

Anybody who votes to punish innocent kids is an asshole. Plain and simple. And while I expect it from Democrats like Ben Nelson and C-Street denizen Mark Pryor, I honestly thought Jon Tester was different. I was wrong. I am now embarrassed that I worked so hard to help get him elected in 2006. I feel personally betrayed.

Oh come on. Jesus, people. Not every politician is going to vote exactly the way you want him or her to vote. It just doesn't work like this. And these "goodbye cruel world" missives are pathetic.