Lying Liars

We’ll Never See a Bigger Liar

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump lies a lot.

We all know that, but just how many lies has he told?

According to the Washington Post, Trump's crossed the 10,000 lie threshold on Friday of last week and added another 61 lies the next day.

As of April 27, including the president’s rally in Green Bay, Wis., the tally in our database stands at 10,111 claims in 828 days.

In recent days, the president demonstrated why he so quickly has piled up the claims. There was a 45-minute telephone interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News on April 25: 45 claims. There was an eight-minute gaggle with reporters the morning of April 26: eight claims. There was a speech to the National Rifle Association: 24 claims. There was 19-minute interview with radio host Mark Levin: 17 claims. And, finally, there was the campaign rally on April 27: 61 claims.

The president’s constant Twitter barrage also adds to his totals. All told, the president racked up 171 false or misleading claims in just three days, April 25-27. That’s more than he made in any single month in the first five months of his presidency.

As much as the number of lies Trump tells each day has increased at this point in his term in office, I expect the number will grow even more when the 2020 campaign begins in earnest.

Trump has told a staggering number of lies during his time in office, but that time includes a relatively limited of rallies; rallies that will become far more frequent during the campaign.

The number of lies Trump tells during the campaign will have to compensate for the reality of his regime and the reality is not good for a majority of Americans.

  • Badgerite

    You know, I just want to see the country represented by a good person again. I want to see a good person in the White House again. I think that might have a lot to do with Joe Biden’s appeal this time around. If the gop has any ‘values’ left at all they sure as hell aren’t any American values.
    And here is a Bible quote for Franklin Graham. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”
    Oops. Too late. Mayor Pete is a better man than you are and a better Christian.

    • Christopher Foxx

      If the gop has any ‘values’ left at all…


  • Draxiar

    I just assume he’s lying with everything he says then work from there.

    • Christopher Foxx

      The same way we assume gravity will keep us on the planet today, every moment, all day long.

  • muselet

    10,111 false or misleading claims in 828 days comes to 12.2 per day, which is a staggering average. (171 in 3 days is 57 per day. Try telling that many untruths in a day. It’s really hard.)

    Donald Trump lies the way the rest of us breathe: without conscious thought or effort. This is a questionable characteristic for a not-terribly-successful real estate developer; it is—or should be—disqualifying for a president.

    As soon as possible, we need to find out what kind of characteristic it is for a former president.


    • swift_4

      Donald Dozen-Lies-A-Day Trump. Jeez. Even my kids don’t lie to me that much.