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What Does This Look Like to You?


Hitler Mustache! Impeach Obama!


Death to the New World Order! Infowars dot com! Oath Keepers!

It looks like a Tea Party rally, but it isn’t.


These photos were taken on Saturday at the “StopWatchingUs” rally, and it has astroturf written all over it.

This is the ultimate conclusion of a movement predicated on fantastical accusations, hyperbole, and that signature Greenwaldian abuse of adjectives.

When you sell crazy, the crazy come callin’.

And make no mistake about it; that’s what these people are. They’re delusional.

President Obama is not Hitler. The New World Order isn’t real. The Oath Keepers are a Right Wing militia who believe its their duty to oppose the coming UN/Obama-imposed martial law. The NSA is not watching you personally. Drones are not hovering over your house in the suburbs. Infowars is for koolaid-drinking cultists.

This man is the face of Infowars.

Even if this movement — if you want to call it that — was based on liberal ideas, it has been hijacked by libertarian concern-trolls, conspiracy theorists, and the tinfoil hat industry. But I repeat myself.

That hijacking was enabled by bad reporting, gotcha headlines, and innuendo. Glenn Greenwald and reactionary bloggers built this gathering of wingnuts by exaggerating their claims and misleading readers.

Remember “direct access?” Remember when, in his debut profile in The Gaurdian, Snowden claimed that the NSA may hire the Chinese triad to kill him?

This would be a good time to point out that a significant number of people in this crowd, like Edward Snowden, only grew a conscience after President Obama was re-elected. Libertarians are opportunistic frauds.

My contempt runneth over.

MrBrink covered this yesterday in a less ragey fashion.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Death to the NWO? Someone needs to remind these people that Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash only pretended to be bad guys in the wrestling ring.

    (my attempt to add humor to this page)

  • feloniousgrammar

    You think these “New World Order” hysterics know that it was Pappy Bush’s administration that coined this term?

  • mdblanche

    “It looks like a Tea Party rally, but it isn’t.”

    Honestly, this looks even whiter, even maler, maybe even a little grayer than most Tea Party rallies I’ve seen. Better spellers, though.

  • Rage looks good on your Ashby, so don’t sweat it.

  • 1933john

    My guess is that they are the grand children of
    the children eating ice cream while watching a
    lynching a hundred years ago.

    • Churchlady320


  • Churchlady320

    One correction – the Oath Keepers are not a militia group. They are sworn, paid law enforcement officers at all levels who have taken a different oath NOT to enforce laws they don’t like. That means especially gun regulations, but it can also mean not keeping clinic access free of anti abortion extremists or arresting those who commit acts of violence if they, the Oath Keeper, decides they are ‘peaceful protesters’. It leaves us unprotected. It leaves us no one to trust in times of emergency.

    This rally was a comingling of RW extremists, Libertarians, LaRoucheites, and lefty types. The fact that the Oath Keepers were there, too, is deeply troubling.

    This is the Fifth Column. Anyone not familiar with the term needs to bone up on the sell out of democracy and those fighting for democracy in 1930s Spain. The Left turned on those seeking a Republic against Franco and allies with the fascists helping to bring Franco to power – who they then whined about but from whose torture, imprisonment, and autocratic control they were largely immune.

    And we see the Left today – the Emos and extremists doing the same. And there you have the photos – an alliance forged in hell turning against the one president who is trying to end the very things they hate. But, well, he’s, you know, Black, so…

    • feloniousgrammar

      Sorry, Oath Keepers don’t get to be whatever it’s leaders says it is, as long as they don’t police themselves and don’t condemn the violent acts of its members. As police officers and soldiers, they’re probably already armed, so there’s no reason to stress the militia aspect of their group.

      … recent developments have created problems for Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers leader who says he merely wants to defend the Constitution.

      …a suburban Cleveland, Ohio, man described by a prosecutor as the president of a local Oath Keepers chapter was jailed on 54 criminal counts related to his alleged storing of a live napalm bomb at his home, along with other explosives kept at a friend’s home. The man, Matthew Fairfield, already had been sentenced in February to two years’ probation for carrying concealed weapons.

      During the same month in Tennessee, an armed man driving a pickup truck emblazoned with an Oath Keepers logo was arrested in a bizarre scheme to place two dozen officials in a town under arrest.

      And in January, another self-described Oath Keeper, Charles Dyer, was arrested in Oklahoma for the alleged rape and forcible sodomy of a 7-year-old child; he was also charged with possessing a grenade launcher that had been stolen from a California military base in 2006.

      A jury acquitted Dyer of the federal weapons charge but the sexual abuse charges are still pending. Dyer — who popped up often in YouTube videos to complain about the “New World Order” and other apparently looming dangers — had spoken on behalf of Oath Keepers at a 2009 Tea Party event in Oklahoma. Just days before the appearance, Rhodes, who later sought to distance his group from Dyer, promised that Dyer would “deliver one heck of a fiery speech.”


      • Churchlady320

        I agree, but I have had a couple of brushes with them, and their ability to dismiss citizens’ concerns because they don’t choose to enforce the specific laws in question is terrifying. Where does one go when the POLICE uphold the aggressions of the rightwing against the rest of us?
        Yeah, felonious – I am very aware of their legacy of illegal acts on their own. When people get the idea that they are above the law – look out. They will be the first to do harm to innocents and think they’re immune.
        We have a nation moving toward anarchy. I don’t think it’s remotely the majority, but it’s there. How we stop it is not at all clear.

        • feloniousgrammar

          I used to say that I was an anarchist in my heart— that if a society could self-govern without coercion, then that would be wonderful. In my own heart, I want people to function in a truly egalitarian manner. But, anarchy cannot work in an agrarian society, because farming and ranching requires order that has little use for whims.

          Then I started wondering about child-rearing in anarchist groups, and began to seriously doubt that these societies were as egalitarian as they’re made out to be.

          What is usually referred to as “anarchy” is two or more groups vying for control. It’s violent, coercive, murderous, chaotic, and most often comprised of groups that no loving, peaceful persons would want to belong to. The Oath Keepers is primarily made up of men who want to use force to control others, as the militia groups, and other hate groups want to do. They’re just exactly what freedom loving people should reject.

  • JoyP

    Greenwald has finally achieved his ultimate goal – his own crazy ass fan club full of right wing conspirators sprinkled judiciously with left wing liberals who will lend some credence to the movement. This too will be co-opted by the far right and he will sit back and count the dollars rolling in. He is the ultimate grifter, surpassing Mama Grizzly, but not quite at the Glenn Beck level. Perhaps he will achieve now that he is forming his own media company. Poor Edward Snowden. What a pawn.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Funny how the far left and far right agreeing on something is supposed to give their shared delusion credence. By that logic, two floridly psychotic people— one who is God at the moment and one who is temporarily Satan— prove that the King James bible is right.

  • MorganleFay

    Glenn Beck, Glenn Greenwald and Alex Jones ARE pretty much the same ilk.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Con men and rabblerousers.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I think my cup runneth over as well.

    I wrote this on Daily Kos yesterday. I posted a few comments on HuffPo to the same effect.

    I’ve been depressed lately. For a while now. This isn’t really the reason, but it isn’t helping. The failure of the healthcare.gov website and the rhetoric surrounding same has driven me to a breaking point.

    Every time I go online or turn on the TV all I hear is people trying as hard as they can to make themselves as miserable as possible. That includes left-wingers and right-wingers, some more than others, but since 2009 it’s been a relentless and aggressive campaign of misery and discontentment and unhappiness and anger and fear and resentment and self-congratulation, how everyone is surrounded by evil and perfidy and people who want to kill us and spy on us and take things from us and control us and enslave us and ruin everything, how abject disaster is always right around the corner if not already in progress. And it’s all severely and grotesquely out of proportion to anything that’s actually happening, anything that anyone has an actual reason to be legitimately concerned about. Concern is one thing; over-the-top unhinged freakout is something else.

    Jeebus fleebing cripes, STOP IT!!!!! I can’t take it anymore.

    I really need a new hobby. Between this and being a Mets/Jets fan, I’m going to drive myself to an early grave if I don’t find something else to care about, and soon. Maybe I’ll start writing songs and short stories again. Maybe I’ll travel more and go to the movies and the theatre more often. Something. Anything.

    • sealiagh

      I feel the same way (although not the Mets/Jest part). So I signed up for National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.org) and I am pretty sure I will follow through. It will be just the distraction I need. No, I am not a novelist or a writer of any kind but a friend suggested it would be fun to get that dumb idea down in print and, like you, I need something, anything to tune out the crazy for just a bit.

      • D_C_Wilson

        I’ve taken up painting. I’m completely burned out on some of these issues.

    • ChrisAndersen

      Some people just can’t stand to live in a world where things are actually getting better. They, perversely, find comfort in chaos, death and paranoia.

      If you find yourself getting sucked into that morass one of the best things you can do is to just cut yourself off from it. It’s all crap anyway, so you really won’t be missing very much.

      • feloniousgrammar

        A lot of people who can’t stand peace or everyday contentedness are people who were traumatized as children. A lot of dark things come out when its quiet. I’m convinced that a lot of these people were the child of a sociopath, alcoholic, or all purpose rage fiend.

    • Churchlady320

      Take heart – and don’t listen to the naysayers. Healthcare.gov actually works. It does not do well in peak crunch times but many sites have the problem. It’s enrolling people along with the state enrollments, and when people cannot get on, they are calling and doing well.

      The goal for October was to get 500,000 individual accounts established, and by last Thursday it was 700,000. So it is exceeding expectations. Not a shred of that makes much of a dent with the talking heads – but they’d make very little money talking about what works. FAIL is the meme even if it’s untrue. This morning Carl Bernstein, in an effort to prove he’s not a gullible liberal, called it a ‘disaster’ – and he does not know what he’s talking about.

      So stop taking the naysayers to heart. There is no one to trust, not even NPR, who will actually discuss what is fact v what is the latest chicken little meme.
      Don’t abandon political interests, but do find where those interests make things better and you’re with adults. And then sure – diversion. But it is NOT a fail.

      Health care is a reality, and the program is going forward. Take heart. All is not lost.

      • Clancy

        Yesterday on Face the Nation, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen also called healthcare.gov a “disaster” and refused to provide any support for Sec’y. Sebelius, so it’s not just talking heads who seem to be joining the chorus of naysayers. Just goes to show, they’ll never let something like facts and results actually stand in the way of a good media mob.

        • Churchlady320

          I have written to her and will to the others. This is knee jerk wimping out and MUST be stopped. Dems need to be purposeful not faint of heart AND need to get FACTS not listen to the ‘Obama fails’ crap that passes for commentary on TV.

          • feloniousgrammar

            Good reminder. I just did the same. It’s simple, easy, and takes little time to express appreciation for public officials who are making life better for U.S.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        The hysterical freakout over healthcare.gov is only a symptom, only the latest and most readily-observable symptom of what is really wearing me out, and that’s the apparent desire of so many people to believe and feel that everything is bad, evil, disastrous and profoundly threatening. People are manufacturing misery for no good reason at all except to feel miserable and then feel righteously justified in their misery. Some of them tell me, “Oh, I’m not miserable,” to which I respond, “Right; you’re happy about all these abject disasters you’re certain are about to happen, and about how badly you and everyone else are going to suffer for it, of which you’re also entirely certain.”

        That’s where we are; the product that our politicians and political media are selling to the public is nothing more or less than feeling shitty all the time, and simultaneously feeling all proud and heroic about how shitty you feel. The GOP’s unwaveringly apocalyptic rhetoric and regularly-scheduled unhinged freakouts about benign nonsense are only a part of it.

        • I know exactly how you feel. And I have had the same thoughts, “why do this to yourself?”. My ex is a “libertarian” and it was one of the things that destroyed our relationship. He was so negative, so angry all the time…I just couldn’t hack it. Near the end I asked him, how could he stand to live that way? Always predicting and planning for “the end”. Always on edge waiting for the UN to take over. Always hating anyone who wasn’t like him. His answer was “I’m not always angry, hateful, etc. And if those things are a real possibility, and I think they are, then I will be prepared and you won’t. And I will tell you, ‘I told you so’.”

          That sums it up nicely don’t you think? They deny their very obvious and destructive emotions (like any good addict does) because they ARE getting something emotionally positive out of their ongoing rage and fear fest. They get self-satisfaction from believing they are right and everyone else is wrong. That they’ll be their own hero (which you’ve picked up on before). I’m no psychologist and can’t exactly describe what’s going on there….but there has to be a payoff for them to put up with all that constant negativity, and I think it’s a feeling of righteousness. But where that comes from (overweening pride? deep insecurity? some sick mixture of both?) I don’t know.

          Here’s how I cope….I simply tune out periodically. Since my family keeps me very busy on the weekends, I rarely get online and read the news Friday night through Sunday night. And I NEVER, EVER turn on the TV News (regardless of which channel). If I ever get to where that isn’t enough, then I will take a week or two off.

          • beulahmo

            I have a mother in law who is like your ex. My email inbox gets a constant stream of hysterical “what if” stuff and “they’re out to get us” warnings. She thinks she’s doing everybody a favor by forwarding that stuff to us.
            Your strategy of limiting your intake of “news” is wise. I do the same when I need to. It’s amazing how sane and in-proportion the world seems when you unplug from all that crap. 🙂

        • ChrisAndersen

          You see a similar phenomena in the discussion of crime statistics. Statistically, we are living in a period of some of the lowest crime rates ever recorded. Yet in survey after survey people think the world around them is more dangerous than it ever has been.

          It’s almost like human beings are programmed to assume that death is around every corner and when death doesn’t appear as expected we actually get more paranoid about what will happen around yet another corner.

          • Well, in a sense we are. Evolution has purposely made all animals with an amygdala respond this way. As to why conservatives respond with greater intensity for longer periods of time and often see threat where there is none….I thought they did studies on it and found their brains are literally different than liberals. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/02/brain-difference-democrats-republicans

            Maybe the prolonged fear response is due to the very fact that modern life, for the majority of Americans, isn’t full of threat. Did you see the Louis C.K. bit about how life would be more interesting if we had to deal with wild animals chasing us in the street? Maybe conservatives with their enlarged/overactive amygdala’s NEED something to fear, even if they make it up, because their lives are so modern middle class and dull?

        • Victor_the_Crab

          We DO deserve nice things. Problem is, we’ve been conditioned to believe that we don’t.

    • Scopedog

      I’ve been down in the dumps lately (more personal matters, and I’m wondering if I’m about to just turn into a cynical douchebag), but yeah, what’s been happening since 2009 has just been unbelievable. The Far Left joining forces with the Far Right is something that is not new–go read Nick Cohen’s WHAT’S LEFT? or the writings of Oliver Kamm or the late Norm Geras–but since the election of President Obama it’s just gone into overdrive in terms of the insanity.

      The freakouts, the nonsense, the adolescent BS on the level of a baby showing his pee-pee….I can understand the Right, but to see the Far Left–or even some moderate Liberals–toss themselves into this partnership _knowing full well that the Right does not care about their issues in general_ is truly disturbing. The “Stand With Rand” bullshit from earlier this year was jaw-dropping; seeing this nonsense this past weekend is bound to induce ulcers. And the hits will continue to keep coming.

      Not long ago, I joked that if President Obama were impeached, you would see Glenn Greenwald, Code Pink, Dave Swanson, and Arianna Huffington come running up to Darrell Issa with a list of items for impeachment. I’m not so sure if that’s a joke anymore.

      • feloniousgrammar

        How else could the far left swell their ranks enough to get the numbers they think are so important? Most liberals don’t have time for this shit, and most value being grounded.

        Tuning out a lot isn’t an option for me, because I would feel paranoid if I didn’t know what the extremists and mainstream media morons were up to. It’s just a crying shame that President Obama has been treated the way he has been treated and portrayed. I “pray” (as good a word as any, I guess) that one or two of the right wing Supreme Justices will drop dead of their own venom.

      • drspittle

        I can empathize with you. I’m so angry about this relentless spewing of hatred and negativity about Obama and the complicity of the mainsream media in perpetuating these lies. For once I will keep my opinion of what I think is behind all this to myself, but suffice to say I think I will need to “de-grid” for awhile because this crap literally makes me sick. It’s just evil. And I do believe that evil exists. During the Bush years I wrote a satiric play as a way of channeling my anger. I somehow need to get back in that space.

    • stacib23

      I have so much e-love for Graf.

  • Badgerite

    Give ’em hell.

  • JimmyAbra

    When I saw that “Death to NWO”, “Infowars”, and “End the Fed” on the same piece of cardboard sign (some homeless nut repurposing his end-of-theoff-ramp begging sign, I’m guessing) I thought it was a Ron/Rand Paul rally! But I guess it is the same thing