What If

(Cartoonist - Chan Lowe)

In other news, disgraced Speaker and uncured ham Newt Gingrich says no one cares if Melania Trump ripped off Michelle Obama's speech because Melania is hot. Watch out, Donald.

Meanwhile, the Koch Brothers have dumped Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), canceling over $2 million in ad spending in his fight against Russ Feingold. Johnson spoke at the GOP convention yesterday.

Finally, the Secret Service is investigating Trump delegate and New Hampshire state Representative Al Baldasaro for calling for the execution of Hillary Clinton.

Did anyone else really struggle to get through the day today? I don't know what's worse: the heat, the fact that it's only Wednesday, or the GOP convention.

  • Wait, it’s Wednesday?! I just realized that….it’s only about 3 pm here. Yes, I struggled mightily. All I want to do is go hide from the weather (107 degrees with 20% humidity) and drink something cold and alcoholic.

    • Toolymegapoopoo

      Piña colada is my jiggle juice!

    • Groundloop

      I prescribe Evan Williams bourbon and lemonade in a highball glass with lots of ice. Repeat dosage until it cools down outside or until you just don’t care anymore.

      • Oh, never tried Evan Williams, will have to check it out. Thanks!

        • Groundloop

          No worries. Remember you’re mixing with lemonade so you don’t need to opt for anything fancy. You’re looking for the bottle with the primarily black label, like such:

          • Don’t you just love the color of whiskey?

          • Groundloop

            I do. FSM help me, I do!