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What Rape Culture?

According to Dartmouth, if you receive a rape threat as a result of protesting rape, it’s your own fault for inciting the rapists.

In a campus-wide email sent out on Friday, Dartmouth College’s Board of Trustees Chair Steve Mandel appeared to equate the actions of sexual assault protesters with the subsequent death and rape threats made against them by several other Dartmouth students on anonymous online forums and message boards. [...]

Dartmouth took the uncommon step of cancelling classes on Wednesday to address the growing crisis and the Board of Trustees released their latest email on Friday night as a follow up.

The email seeks to assure the student community that “established policies and procedures” regarding disciplinary action will be taken against both the protesters and any students who made the anonymous threats.

Shutting down classes to announce that both the victims and the assailants are equally culpable and that disciplinary action will be taken against both of them is a really bad look for the school.

The idea, expressed in a poorly written email, seems to be that those who are protesting sexual assault are somehow responsible for inciting sexual assault, which makes this nothing more than victim-shaming that shields those who are issuing threats. Because both sides are the same, right? If they weren’t protesting assault, they wouldn’t be receiving threats.

  • muselet

    Giving Steve Mandel the benefit of all possible doubt, his email was cack-fisted and insensitive.

    I am disinclined to give Steve Mandel the benefit of all possible doubt.


  • I fucking LOVED his speech!

    I thank the non-deities daily that he is our president, that he has given this country the foundation to continue to fight the miserable, heartless, fascist Republicans, trying to bring this country back into the light once again!

    I seriously don’t believe that anyone else living in this country could have done what he did.

    Adds……..I also agree with Bob’s ‘dislikes’ list.

  • trgahan

    Since the federal government makes A LOT of revenue leasing oil and gas development, President Obama’s proposal to link that revenue to an alternative energy fund is a great move. If it gets put into place the more oil and gas companies push to drill US reserves, the more they will be funding their own demise.
    Not perfect, but when half the population believes global warming is a liberal conspiracy and that “there’s plenty of oil! Drill baby Drill!” it is a great move.

  • mrbrink

    Not enough malaise.

    Republican Americans cannot afford four more years of this president’s can-do attitude.

    The speech failed miserably on several levels to really speak to the great majority of psychopaths.

    Personally though, I’m a big fan of corporate profits and the wealth hoarding that’s been crushing working people with slave wages for the past 30 years, so the part about, “no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty…” stuck out to me because everyone knows demand-side economics is just some theory they use to sell you adjustable rate mortgages and pay day loans.

    And this President claims he has seen all those ribbon-cuttings and got a really big laugh for it at the expense of job creators, the troops fighting overseas, and especially the children of Newtown who see all this attacking by the president as a threat to their freedoms and a dangerous foreign menace who must be stopped.

    This President is attacking, attacking! the true nature of job creation, but what the “”fact checkers”” won’t tell you is that Republican governors are good and decent servants of the people, and they’re going to sweep this nation clean, from darkie, and the Jew, and the gays… and where was I? Oh, yeah. Outreach! No. Oh, yeah. Republican governors have never cut a ribbon anywhere, ever, and the stimulus this president rammed down our throats was just a hand out to the president’s cronies and lobbyist pals working for Big Ribbon.

    Ribbons are a socialist government plot to undermine conservative values, and I for one, will not be a part of any speech that seeks to make a mockery of family values.

    • HAHAHA…………

      Reminds me of Rubio, but of course, that dick could never phrase it so well.

    • muselet

      Hey, if the current gig doesn’t work out, there’s a bright future for you in speechwriting for Rs.

      Or at least there would be if the Rs who actually believe that sort of twaddle could read.


      • mrbrink

        A bright future he says!

        First rule of Republican speech writing– always be semi-retarded.

  • Draxiar

    There was so much about this address that I liked it’s hard to list them all. That said, I cheered out loud at his environmental stance. Add in the bit about renewable energy and I was so very thankful to have him as President.

    • mrbrink

      “I was so very thankful to have him as President.”

      I’m thankful every single day. Like, holy-fucking-shit thankful.

    • gescove

      Any time I had a bit of criticism about the substance of the speech I reminded myself “Hey, it could be Mitt Effing Romney up there” and fell to my knees to thank the all the gods and goddesses.

  • Ipecac

    Kevin beat me to it. The water car was a hoax.

  • Yikes, Bob… love ya, but no “water for fuel” rig exists. Not possible; Thermogodamnics gets in the way:

  • The “we’ve produced more oil at home” thing would bug me had he not also called for its eventual elimination. As you always say, politics is slow. The problem is, it’s going to take a loooooooooooong time to get oil off the road entirely. It’s kinda like that Google car that drives itself, it would solve 99% of our travel woes, but it’ll never be 100% adopted because people can’t afford it and the establishment will fight it tooth and nail.