• No vagina…no vote.

  • mrbrink

    The amount of saturated arrogance it takes for men to talk about women’s health care rights and contraception so freely and unblushing could crash world markets. This anti-women parade only weakens our standing with women in oppressive and semi-oppressive regimes around the world by emboldening the religious crazies.

    What hope do women have anywhere when a major political party of the free world is so openly dismissive, and resentful of the rights and free will of women?

    Look at that panel of experts testifying on their views of women’s health. The room should have erupted in laughter the moment they all sat down. People should have been throwing up in the aisles from laughing so hard at this sham of shams hearing.

    This is what you get with Republicans through and through. If they need environmental views, they bring in the oilmen. If they need national security views for war and peace, they bring in weapons manufacturers. Social media consultants? Bring on the Trolls! Need views on grassroots democracy, call a fascist.

    Women? consult religious law in a criminal depiction of freedom and equality.

    Adding, if you leave it to these losers to write history and narrate the Captain’s log and control the record of fact, American history is a much different story.

  • agrazingmoose

    Pricks gone wild.

  • Kay over at Balloon Juice has been making this particular argument for some time….”why don’t we see any women” on TV involved in all this debate. It’s insult to injury and completely delegitimizes the discussions and anything that might result from them. It’s infantilizing and robs us of agency. Asswipes

    • They really do seem to have a problem with women having agency, don’t they? I think that’s going to come back to hurt them. They really don’t understand that women can fight back without asking permission.

      Also, what are the odds any of those guys have a wife or a girlfriend? The first thing I thought when I saw that picture before reading who they were was “what a creepy looking bunch of low-lifes.”

      • “what a creepy looking bunch of low-lifes.”

        That’s what I thought too! At least two or three of them are clerical, look closely at the collars. What a celibate man has to say about a woman’s birth control matters not one whit in this discussion….I find that offensive too.

        • Your point is excellent, but one thing. It’s not only Catholic (and therefore supposedly celibate) clerics who wear the “dog collar”. Those two pictured may well be Catholic, but there’s no way of knowing that from just the photo.

          “What a celibate man has to say about a woman’s birth control matters not one whit” is sufficient.

  • Miranda

    Froggy, Spanky, Alfalfa, Butch and Stymie.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      BWAH! Good one.