Sarah Palin

Where's Bill Kristol?

With confirmation of Sarah Palin's Ms. Teen South Carolina level of ignorance, I wonder if anyone in the very serious press has bothered to corner Palin's benefactor Bill Kristol to ask, "What the f-ck were you thinking, Bill!? You could've screwed us all!"

Once again, Kristol was horribly and dangerously wrong about something of great importance. This guy basically pushed the idea of Sarah Palin to the McCain campaign. And if it hadn't been for, of all people, Katie Couric, there was a serious chance that we could've had a vice president -- a heartbeat away from the Resolute Desk -- who seriously couldn't name the three North American nations. I mean, she was literally *this close* to not being able to locate the U.S. on a world map and such as.

New York Times? FOX News? Guys? Ask him!