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Who Suffers The Fools Of Sequestration?

The people who can least afford to be economically flogged, of course.

The highlights, via PoliticsUSA:

Two million people will lose their SNAP (food stamp) benefits and another 44 million will see them cut.

Two hundred thousand children will lose school lunches

$1.7 billion dollars per year will no longer go to child welfare services that address child abuse prevention

Over half a million women and children will no longer receive WIC benefits (Women, Infants, Children) which provide milk, eggs, cereal, fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods to low-income families. About 1,600 will also be cut as a result

Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP) is slated for dramatic cuts

Twenty-five thousand children will no longer receive child care services

Community health care centers serving the poor will lose $55 million in funding

Over 7,000 special education teachers will be laid off

Seventy thousand children will no longer be able to attend Head Start, and 10,000 Head Start teachers will be laid off

Title I education funds will be cut resulting in the loss of funding for almost 1.2 million disadvantaged students, including another 16,000 teachers and staff laid off

Rental assistance to 125,000 families in the very deepest poverty levels will be cut putting them at high risk for homelessness

More than 100,000 formerly homeless people will be basically put back on the streets as the programs that serve them are cut

People receiving unemployment benefits will see their benefits cut by 9.4% which translates into a loss of more than $400

Almost 375,000 adults and children with serious mental illnesses will see their services cut

The Indian Health Service will be able to provide 804,000 fewer outpatient visits and 3,000 fewer inpatient visits, and $130 million more will be cut from Tribal services ranging from social services to public education

734,000 low-income families will no longer receive assistance with utilities

Because “Jobs and the Economy!”

Maybe the poor should just re-brand as “Defense Contractor?”

  • muselet

    According to Tom Coburn on Fox News Sunday today, Barack Obama is “absolutely” exaggerating the effect of the sequester, but there are “easy ways to cut this money that the American people will never feel.” He then went on to call the sequester “terrible,” meaning he made even less sense than usual.

    Righties get a stiffy whenever they have a chance to hose the poors, but most of them can’t actually bring themselves to admit it (hence Tom Coburn’s rhetorical gymnastics). Historians will look back at this era and wonder how one major political party came to resemble really dumb Bond villains.


    • hanadora444

      I love watching the Republican twin tap dance on the sequester: Those dreadful cuts are all the fault of that miserable Obama. And they’re not really that bad.

      • muselet

        Watching Rs try to make two contradictory arguments simultaneously is entertaining, especially when they faceplant as badly as Tom Coburn did. The problem is that our glorious news media have had to become even more incoherent than usual in trying to spin a “both sides” tale, which makes it harder for the public at large to determine who’s actually doing what.