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Why Did Obama Postpone an Anti-Discrimination Order?

My Thursday item for The Daily Banter is up! As always, read and RT often.

I don’t know exactly why the White House decided to not issue an executive order banning discrimination among federal contractors on the basis of sexual orientation. Believe it or not, it’s still possible, if you’re a government contractor, to fire someone because they’re part of the LGBT community.

According to The Huffington Post, the openly gay White House Director of Specialty Media, Shin Inouye, said, “While it is not our usual practice to discuss Executive Orders that may or may not be under consideration, we do not expect that an Executive Order on LGBT non-discrimination for federal contractors will be issued at this time.”

Again, I don’t know exactly why they decided to postpone the order based on the administration response, but I suspect it was about the election and it was about the idea that the president would rather pass a law addressing this issue than to release an executive order...

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  • JMAshby

    We’ve seen this movie before.

    There were calls to sign an executive order to repeal DADT as well, but the president did the right thing in pressuring congress to end it.

    Executive orders are easily overturned by the next president. Acts of congress aren’t.

    That is unless we forget who our allies are and end up with Republican rule. Then they’ll probably make everyone real sorry that they forgot who the real enemy of progress is.