Why Hasn’t Trump Nominated a Secretary of Agriculture?

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

This story is unintentionally funny to me.

Many names have been floated to serve as the next secretary of agriculture, but despot-elect Donald Trump still hasn't formally nominated anyone to fill the post.

Why not? If The Atlantic is correct, he hasn't nominated anyone because Real America would like to see an old white guy appointed to the office.

I would say there has been anguish,” Gary Baise, a D.C. lawyer who helped Trump marshal rural and agricultural support during the campaign, told me. “Agriculture is too important to use as a dumping ground for political correctness.” [...]

Rural America would be really disappointed,” Baise said, if Trump is seen as not keeping faith with the agricultural community. The smart money is still on Trump picking [Sonny Perdue], according to Baise, a well-connected Republican ag-politics veteran who helped Trump assemble his agriculture advisory team.

In other words, if Trump appointed Elsa Murano or Abel Maldonado, two other names that have been floated by the transition team, rural america would be "really disappointed" because neither of them are an old white guy like Sonny Perdue.

This is unintentionally funny to me because Real America would probably be better served under more diverse leadership, but they will be disappointed if Trump doesn't nominate someone who will fuck them over.

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"

It will not be a joyous day when congressional Republicans dismantle the food stamp program at some point in the neat future, but I will, if only for a moment, enjoy a warm cup of schadenfreude at the expense of rural farmers who voted for the GOP. They will have voted for their own demise.

Demanding that Trump appoint a white guy to the office is its own form of "political correctness." This is white identity politics.

  • Badgerite

    Sony Perdue. Good God.
    Comment by Dr. Scott Lemieux of Lawyers, Guns and Money.
    “trump could nominate a barrel of cow shit with a confederate flag stuck into it to a cabinet post and get 52 yea votes.”
    Pretty much. The death of standards. Government of the party, by the party, for the party.

  • muselet

    “Agriculture is too important to use as a dumping ground for political correctness.”

    I’d have thought familiarity with agricultural issues would be more important than the (lack of) color of the nominee’s skin, but apparently not. (Yes, yes, Sonny Perdue has been involved in ag for years, but he runs a huge corporation. It’s not like he’s up at oh-dark-thirty to milk the cows and collect the eggs on the family farm.)

    And nutritional assistance programs are the only thing keeping a lot of small farmers from going under. I wonder if anyone out there in RealMurca realizes that.


  • Draxiar

    I read an article in Vox about a woman who, much to her credit, is remorseful of her vote for trump. She went into the reasons she did vote for him and it was mostly due to the cost of the ACA for her and her belief that trump could do better. I don’t dismiss her claims of cost as being anything other than genuine and it was very likely one of those things that could have been improved upon in the law if given a chance. Her remorse stemmed from the fact that trump was dismissing his campaign promises so easily. It wasn’t that she agreed with those promises- by her own account she was a swing voter- it was his use of them as a clever tool to get what he wanted…the manipulation game. She’s now vowed to do everything she can to make up for her breach in critical judgment.

    I’m glad she’s come around and I hope to see more like her. I’m also baffled at how she fell for such horseshit to begin with. In this age of information, media, long election cycles, and the cascade of trumpoids (like factoids but concerning trump), ignorance was and remains a choice.

  • Aynwrong

    So what this story really says is old White farmers spend so much time around farm animals, they couldn’t smell the mountains of horse manure that was selling them. Sounds like a brief synopsis of the last fifty years of Republican voting patterns.

    Tragic. For the rest of us I mean.

  • swift_4
  • Holy frak. The ONLY reason to these horrible people a non-white guy would be nominated is for political correctness. Jebus H. Christ.