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Why Trump Won’t Visit Troops Overseas

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

If you told me Trump won't visit troops overseas because he's afraid to, that would actually be more dignified than the truth.

According to White House aides who spoke to the New York Times off the record, the real reason Trump won't visit service members in other countries is because he doesn't want to legitimize them.

He considers them a waste of money and lives, and has told advisers that the people in the countries where troops are stationed are not really friends of the United States.

One reason he has not visited troops in war zones, according to his aides, is that he does not really want American troops there in the first place. To visit, they said, would validate missions he does not truly believe in.

I don't think we should still be in Afghanistan. Children who were born after September 11th, 2001 are old enough to enlist. They're old enough to serve in a war that began before they could even walk.

But with all of that said, the men and women deployed there and other locations around the world don't have a choice. They're following orders.

Trump does have a choice and, technically, he's the one giving the orders.

Trump refusing to visit troops overseas because he doesn't want to legitimize their mission may be even more insulting than deploying the Army to the southern border for a political stunt. And he hasn't visited them, either.

If there are service members overseas who don't necessarily believe they're serving a legitimate purpose, I can't imagine how depressing it would be to learn that the so-called "president" also doesn't believe they are.

I don't know if Trump is even capable of appreciating the amount of responsibility he's been given. He feels gratified by it, but he doesn't respect it.

  • Diane

    I think he is afraid to visit active duty troops.
    And he doesn’t give a damn about any American troops. He disrespected a Gold Star family during his campaign.
    He did not visit a war memorial service in France nor has he even gone to Arlington National cemetary on Veterans day.
    He is a coward.

  • fry1laurie

    “Cooties”? He is a notorious germophobe.

  • muselet

    A few years ago, Top Gear sent Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to Australia and—for the cameras, at least—effectively camped out. Clarkson came up with some harebrained idea to do with a campfire, and as he was demonstrating his innovation, Hammond turned to May and said, sotto voce, “What must the world look like from inside a head like that?”

    Richard Hammond asked the question about Clarkson in jest. I ask the same question in earnest about Donald Trump (I suspect I wouldn’t like the answer).


  • RenoRick2

    We all know he could care less about the troops. They aren’t rich* like Cheeto, so they are losers in his mind. Then again, getting your first job whilst in your senior years must be rough!

    I really get the feeling that he’s gonna quit in January after the Democrats are sworn in. He’s not used to working for others, and it shows on a daily basis.

    • Nefercat

      Unfortunately, he shows no sign of comprehending that he works for us, not the other way around, so he may just ratchet up the “I am so king of the world” rhetoric once the Democrats smack him in the face with reality.

      He certainly has no comprehension that there are three co-equal branches of government.