Why Am I Trying to Expose Glenn Beck?

I've written about Glenn Beck quite a bit over the last couple of years, but when I watched the following two clips from his show the other day, I was motivated to rev up the meat grinder. Here we see Beck attempting to expose not just the president as a socialist, but his deceased family-members as well:

Easily one of the lowest points in Glenn Beck's long history of hackish fakery and McCarthyite demagoguery. And millions of people watch this utter crap -- this hocus pocus horseshit -- and they believe it. Because Beck uses a melodramatic tone of voice and visual aids. By the way, Yglesias pointed out this morning that Beck went so far as to suggest that the president's mother was a socialist because she enjoyed the works of Nietzsche. Of course Nietzsche hated socialism.

So enough. Piece by piece, I will show him for what he is: a grifter and scam artist who is bilking his viewers.