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Why Me Not President?


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Chapter Four: Sarah Heeds the Call
Chapter Four: 'I Meant to Do That'
Chapter Four: 'Wait, We Lost?'
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"The circle of power, money, loony theology and greed closes. McCain is thrown to the dogs. Oprah cashes in. Welcome to America." - Frank Schaeffer"Total fiction." - Steve Schmidt"She represents the exact moment important Republicans gave up on democracy." - Richard Cohen"I like soup." - John McCain"Palin is a celebrity in the vapid, celebudoof, Balloon Boy, reality show, new-Hollywood framework." - Bob Cesca"If it’s one thing I hope to see in the future, if she has to be a part of our discourse, is Sarah Palin telling us what’s really on her mind.... As a (mostly) political blogger, this is like the dealer on the corner telling the junkie he’s getting his supply for free from now on." - Oliver Willis"The idea that this potential talk show host is considered seriously for the Republican nomination -- believe me, it'll never happen." - David Brooks"What wouldn't Sarah Palin lie about if she felt she had to?" - Andrew Sullivan"So many people are out to get her. Why would anyone ever do that, considering she's been so inclusive and kind to everyone since she pageant-walked her way into our lives." - The Political Carnival"She didn't write it on the side of a barn with an AK? Here come the tears..." - Baby Jesus