Sarah Palin

Why Me Not President? : Mental Health Break

Posted by Redmond

Just an update on the Why Me Not President? bloggings: Elvis and I are taking some mental health time after being barraged in the face by The Folksy Nativity of Sarah Palin: Teabag Messiah. (Or Going Rogue as it's sometimes referred to.) But don't worry, unlike The Snow White Queen of "Fuck You, Community Organizers," we're not quitting and we'll be back Monday to hopefully have this thing wrapped up in time for you to argue politics over Thanksgiving dinner the way the Native Americans intended it. Until the small pox kicked in. *wink*

As a parting gift be sure to scope out Matt Taibbi's Sarah Palin, WWE Star, and the return of Susie MooseShot herself to Twitter. Don't have time to jab yourself in the brain with a sharp stick? Let Sarah do it for you in 140 characters or less. Huzzah!

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