Wisconsin AG Candidate Brad Schimel Shits on the Working Poor


Wisconsin attorney general candidate Brad Schimel (R) seems intent on letting us all know that he’s an asshole.

via ThinkProgress

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN—Brad Schimel, the Republican candidate for Attorney General, told supporters at a Milwaukee County Republicans party that he’s tired of the contentious statewide debate over the minimum wage.

I want every one of our neighbors to have a job again, a well-paid job, so we don’t have to argue about minimum wage for someone working at Burger King,” he said. “Let’s get them a real job.

It’s nice that Schimel wants everyone to have a well-paid job, but we do not live in a world where that’s a possibility for everyone. There will always be those at the top and those at the bottom, but we have a responsibility to ensure that the bottom is not a poverty wage.

The minimum wage in Wisconsin is $7.25, meaning that even someone who works full-time while making the minimum wage is going to live in poverty.

Brad Schimel is an asshole for telling a large swath of workers that they don’t have real jobs and thus don’t deserve higher wagers.

Dealing with shitty customers and corporate jackassery on a long stretch for minimum wage is as real as it gets in America.

As you may recall, Schimel recently made headlines when he said he would have defended a state ban on interracial marriage. Schimel’s candidacy is an insult to just about everyone who isn’t an affluent, straight white person. But what does it mean to be a Republican today if not that?

  • WiscoJoe

    “I want every one of our neighbors to have a job again, a well-paid job, so we don’t have to argue about minimum wage for someone working at Burger King.”

    Good news for Mr. Schimel, but everyone of his neighbors already has a well-paying job. It’s the people that have been locked out of his gated-community that he may want to worry a bit more. Though I suppose if he can just keep those people out of the neighborhood and out of mind, there’s no need to have to argue about the minimum wage.

    This is the Wisconsin Republican party in a nutshell. White-flight gated-community suburban-sprawl elitists.

  • Sabyen91

    Go Susan Happ! I will happily mark my ballot for her. Schimel is awful, maybe even worse than the current AG, Van Hollen.

  • muselet

    The key words in that (disgusting) quote are “our neighbors.” Not “everyone in Wisconsin.” Just “our neighbors.”

    Because Republicans deserve a well-paid job and an end to the argument over the minimum wage. Everyone else, not so much.


  • trgahan

    So how is minimum wage an issue of concern for a state AG?

    Coupled with his previous statement regarding being “duty bound” to defend anti gay and anti-interracial marriage laws, whether he agrees or not, I think it is clear Mr. Schimel is inferring he’ll defend whatever right wing turd of law they can get on the books, but anything his conservative handlers don’t like….”duty bound” will become a fuzzy concept.

    • TimJ

      Who knows? But poor Brad is tired of the debate…. Let’s hope the wise people of Wisconsin give him some much deserved rest.

    • WiscoJoe

      Exactly. Wisconsin is so polarized, that Schimel is running a campaign based on right-wing ideology, not on his legal expertise, judicial philosophy, or managerial experience.