Witch Hunt

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, the state of New York has imposed tax liens on Michael Cohen's taxi business totaling $174,000.

Meanwhile, sources say Trump actually treats Michael Cohen like garbage in private and that's why Trump's other lawyers and advisers have been saying Cohen may turn on him. They also say Cohen may be indicted in the very near future.

Everyone who works with Trump is eventually humiliated.

And in related news, Cohen has dropped his libel lawsuit against Buzzfeed and Fushion GPS for publishing the Steele dossier which claimed Cohen went to Prague to work with his Russian counterparts. I'm going to guess he dropped the lawsuit because the dossier is true.

Here's a handful of other stories I didn't get to this week:

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel casually admitted that the state's voter ID law helped Trump win the state.

Mitch McConnell is threatening to keep Democrats in Washington off the campaign trail if they don't confirm Trump's nominees. No word on if he also threatened to send them to bed without ice cream.

Disgraced RNC finance chairman Elliott Broidy reportedly lobbied Trump to kick a Chinese dissident out of the U.S. to please his Chinese and Arab clients in the private defense industry business. There's even a George Nader (a Mueller witness) connection.

One of EPA admin. Scott Pruitt's top advisers tried to change the date on her resignation so she could avoid a congressional interview.

And it looks like Scott's Pruitt lobbyist buddies have higher ethical standards than he does.

This week felt like it lasted a month. Have a good weekend and, if you're a regular reader, please consider donating during this week's fundraiser. Thank you in advance.

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