Epic Fail Iraq

Words Continue to Have No Meaning

Today in Fox News chyrons brought to you by Media Matters.


During a segment of America’s Newsroom focused on “American ambivalence” and the president’s lack of action, Fox News inadvertently disclosed that the president has, in fact, taken action.

It appears that action does not count as “action” unless it involves ground troops.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Fox News spends so much time treating Americans like they’re stupid, that they end up overlooking the stupid in their own workplace.

  • muselet

    Lindsey Graham yesterday:

    On “Fox News Sunday” yesterday, guest host John Roberts asked Graham if he has any faith that President Obama’s plan against ISIS is going to work. “Not much,” the senator replied, adding, “We’re fighting a terrorist army, not an organization. It’s going to take an army to beat an army. And this idea we’ll never have any boots on the ground to defeat them in Syria is fantasy…. It’s delusional in the way they approach this.”

    So no, for the Right it’s not really “action” unless someone else’s children are getting shot at (and Lindsey Graham won’t come out from under his bed until that happens).


  • Hemidemisemiquaver

    Remember, to have B. Hussein Obama taking action, he must personally make, transport and drop the bombs. He must get his “boots on the ground.” Nothing else qualifies as “Obama taking action.”


    • Nefercat

      Yes, you are correct. I remember now, he had nothing to do with the Bin Laden raid. /s

      • Hemidemisemiquaver

        A’yup. He was out golfing (and WAS NOT in the Situation Room. WAS NOT!) As is well-known, you cannot golf and be President, simultaneously. To play golf means you are out of contact with everything, everywhere for as long as you are golfing.

        That poor dude with the nuclear football. He must really be dazed and confused when B. Hussein Obama goes golfing.

  • LOL, looks like Faux News is ambivalent.