Worse Than Those Stupid Plastic Balls

I've always wondered why rednecks think it's cool to dangle those novelty plastic scrotums off the backs of their trucks. I know it's a "manly man" thing, but how manly is a dickless ballsack? I mean, these morons actually spend their own cash money on a set of plastic balls. Manly!

Anyway. Think Progress caught a photo of a truck decoration that's even more puzzling.


There's the obnoxious anti-Muslim slogan. There's the license plate which is code for "Confederate Veteran Heil Hitler" -- 88 is the numerical equivalent of "HH." Also, Conferederate veteran? The driver must be 170 years old.

And then there's the photograph of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11. I've never been able to figure out the wingnut worship of those buildings on fire with people falling to their deaths. But then to print this particular photo on the back of a pick-up truck seems remarkably disrespectful and, dare I say, unpatriotic. Yep. Nothing says "sweet decoration" like a photo showing the deaths of thousands of people on one of the bloodiest days in American history.

By the way, the Virginia DMV pulled the license plate number once they discovered what it meant.