Worst Persons

Worst Person in the World

This is one of the ugliest things I've ever read. Ever.

Via Media Matters, here's Mister Brion McClanahan, writing for The Daily Caller, fantasizing about humiliating and shaming recipients of food stamps.

My reform measures might seem draconian to some (and the antithesis of the free market), but they would hopefully have the desired result of reducing food stamp rolls so we could eventually eliminate the program and let the states handle the issue. Before accepting food stamps, people would have to carefully consider whether they want to face the loss of voting privileges, the humiliation of shopping at government stores and using government food, the inability to smoke or do drugs and the added inconvenience of having to make two or three stops for their groceries should they choose to buy snacks with their own money. Plus, tax producers would no longer have to knowingly be face to face with people at the check-out who are on government assistance but have nicer cell phones and accessories than they do.

The full piece can be found here. It goes far beyond your typical "welfare queens with xboxes and microwaves" nonense to forcing poor people to wear items of flair on their chests for being poor.

It could be summarized in this final quote from the piece.

There should be humiliation and pain in government assistance. Every time someone accepts food stamps, they are spitting on the principles of independence, and they, not the taxpayers who fund the program, should be reminded of that fact.

The use of the phrase "tax producers" in this context makes me noticeably, violently angry.

  • Miranda

    I just clicked over to read the trash:

    The other day, while my family and I were waiting in a check-out line at Wal-Mart, I noticed that the woman checking out in front of us was texting on her $200 cell phone (which probably costs at least $100 a month in service fees and may have been paid for by the government as well) and holding what my wife says was a $100 designer purse


    I stopped right there because I couldn’t stop laughing. All kinds of fail in that…and not from the imaginary person he and his wife were supposedly staring at…but he just exposed he and his wife as being completely mad at how THEY are the low budget trash they deem others to be. There is no such thing as a $100 “designer” purse…whatever B-actress hocking some merchandise at Penney’s or Sears is not “designer’ – and nobody pays $200 for a cell phone – you pay less than $50 for a less than $50 phone if you’re actually IN a legit store…or you pay up to $100 for a $500 phone off ebay.

    Dummy in a Wally World trying to turn up his nose? Seriously?

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      Miranda, yeah, that cell phone comment kind of threw me. I can get a free/darn cheap upgrade every 2 years through my wireless service. Is McClanahan admitting that he & his wife are so damn stupid that they pay that much for a cell phone?

  • I don’t like his plan. I do think however food stamps need to become much more of a WIC type program where the things they buy are specified. Annoys the crap out of me to see people buying snickers and soda on the government dime. If we’re going to pay for it, it might as well be healthy.

    • ranger11

      So then the people on food stamps will be the most healthiest people in America.

    • Miranda

      Yes….because buying a Pepsi with a EBT card just drives you bonkers right? Because you’re so concerned about carb intake? And yeah, you saw someone buying the new Jordans with money you just KNOW came from food stamps.


  • When I worked for the FL DOC, there was a receptionist that worked full-time for the DOC, with benefits, in one of the lowest paying positions in the Dept. She was a single mother of a lovely little girl, whose father was not involved in her life and did not provide any support whatsoever. This woman was one of the hardest working and most dedicated employees of the DOC that I met the entire 3 years I worked there. She was also a devout Christian.

    She was on food stamps. Yes, a state employee made so little she could not survive without food stamps. Is this the kind of person McClanahan wishes to shame? If so, I would like personally punch him in the nuts on her behalf. And repeat that for each one of the hundreds of thousands of people out there who work their asses off and still need food stamps. People like her don’t deserve to be treated badly and McClanahan is clearly a stupid, fascist pig for saying so.

    • I met some people who work for Walmart a few years ago. The whole family — mom, dad, kids, aunt and uncle — worked to make the Walton family even wealthier. Meanwhile, the only way they could afford to keep up their mortgage payments (which they could afford before the housing market went bonkers) was by having the whole fam damily working at WM, and they had to rely on the ER for health care and food stamps to make ends meet. As one of them put it, “What kind of country is it where they can make you work like a dog 10 hours a day and you can’t afford to live a decent life on one paycheck?” It’s Brion McClanahan’s GOP America — except he’d take away the ER and food stamps. Trust me, if Brion were working but couldn’t afford to make ends meet, he’d be at the head of the line screaming for food stamps and any other gov’t aid he could get — I’ve seen it happen more than once.

  • Clusterpuck

    I live in Wake Forest, NC (the original home of WFU) and the old campus is now a Baptist Seminary. Needless-to-say, the town is packed with students, many of which marry and have children very young.

    I wonder how Mr. McClanahan would feel seeing these young (under 30), predominantly white, very religious families with 2-3 kids paying for there groceries (which tend to include a lot of “snack” foods) with their WIC coupons and Debit cards? As I do all the shopping, I see it all- the- time.

    While I’m agnostic, I certainly don’t feel resentment towards these folks. Actually, I feel pride that my government provides such necessary assistance.

    Anyway, his point is really moot. While he may think this would “shame” folks into not accepting assistance, it would not. Hungry folks will do pretty much whatever in order to feed their family and/or themselves.

  • It must be getting harder and harder to produce The Onion with this much real life competition.

  • MarshallLucky

    This from the people who loathe the very idea of paying taxes and would happily refuse to give back anything at all if given the chance. People so greedy that they do nothing but piss and moan about having to give one red cent back to the country that made their lifestyle possible. And they call it patriotism.

    Clearly we need to further humiliate the people who are so pitifully poor that they can’t even afford to buy food. It’s what Jesus would do.

  • This is actually a few short steps from saying, “Let ‘s round up poor people and put them in concentration camps.”

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      Reservations, ghettos, concentration camps..
      You hit it.

      • It is a very fascist approach to take…you guys are spot on.

        • villemar

          Yup I thought the same thing. The subtext here is basically round up poor people and minorities and put them in ovens.

  • forcing poor people to wear items of flair on their chests for being poor

    A nice yellow 6-pointed star, perhaps?

  • Guest

    What is it with fat Republicans worried that someone, somewhere, might be getting as much to eat as they do? Kiddies with school lunches, for instance:


  • Following up on his ludicrous ‘anonymous sources’ hit piece on Media Matters’ David Brock, looks like Tucker Carlson’s online compost heap is trolling for some of Breitbart’s resentful Big Government bottom-feeders. Next he’ll be running edited videos by O’Keefe.

  • Utterly despicable.

  • rikyrah

    utter asshole

  • imavettoo

    This ass deserves to be beaten about the neck & head, continuously.

    • You’re so right, imavettoo, and with blunt instruments.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    Well, JM that was some article that you linked to. A couple things stood out, aside from the writer being a sadistic prick. Based on what I’ve seen in several decades in food industry supply chain, his recommendations are absurd. After I read the article, I saw in the footer that he has a PhD, then saw it was from South Carolina. That fact pretty much explained teh article.

    • Hey now, don’t cast aspersions on the University of SC…that’s where I received my masters…But I did go to the article and comment how embarrassed I was that we both went to USC and that McClanahan must have gotten his degree in the lesser known program of “how to be a fascist”.

      • BuffaloBuckeye

        Sorry, no offense meant to you IG.

        • Oh, no worries! I should have put a smiley emoticon…my bad. I was just kidding…I am seriously embarrassed that they gave this a-hole a doctorate.

          • BuffaloBuckeye

            Whew! I know that I tend to be more “protective” of my BA school than my MBA school, so I didn’t want to be goofy about it.

            With our master’s degrees, Santorum must think that we are rather snobbish…

  • And FFS dude it’s ‘Brian’ not Brion’.

    • JMAshby


    • And, picking up the Office Space reference, it’s “flair,” not “flare.”

      • JMAshby

        Ya’ll are killing me. I wasn’t referring to Office Space though. I was referring to the real thing.

    • muselet

      Actually, it’s “Brion.”


      • JMAshby


  • This idea is patently absurd on every level but let’s start with the hypocrisy.

    So should big oil executives be subject to all these indecencies too or how about the farmers like Michelle Bachmann who get’s $250K from the guvment?

    Hell the whole state of Alaska should have to wear a scarlet “AK” since they all get an oil kickback for land the guvment owns.

    This idiot just shows how far off the right wing base is these days.

    • JMAshby

      Or Mississippi which receives $2.83 back for every $1 in taxes.

      It’s absurd.

    • Bob McIntosh

      Thanks for bringing up the non-poor that receive guv-mint funds. Don’t forget university professors with their “research” grants. Milton Friedman would, of course, be excluded from this list, not because he’s dead, but because he’s loved by “teh right.”

  • ShitMcFuckensteinAVC

    Forget left, right, socialism, and capitalism for a second. Where is your basic human decency? How can there be any meaningful debate with someone with zero empathy?

  • GrafZeppelin127

    [T]ax producers would no longer have to knowingly be face to face with people at the check-out who are on government assistance but have nicer cell phones and accessories than they do.

    Self-congratulation and resentment. Par for the course.

    • Perhaps if McClanahan took that whiskey bottle from his lips — we all know Irishmen are historically big drunks, right? — he’d be able to better manage his money so he could afford things like nicer cellphones and accessories. Blaming food stamp recipients for his lack of sober responsibility certainly won’t get him very far. White Protestants a century and a half ago warned of the dangers of allowing these Catholic potato-eaters from the ‘Emerald Isle’ into our country; from Reagan on down to this ‘Daily Caller’ they’ve been nothing but trouble! (Before anyone’s blood starts boiling, I’m part Irish and this is satire. Now, I tink I’ll have meself a little drink, me boyo.)

      • Nicely done 😉

      • JackDaniel07

        Coming from an Irish house painter whose driver’s license truly bears the name Jack Daniel, cheers brother!

      • Bob McIntosh

        (falling out of my chair, laughing). If Jack Daniels, tries to bring up his driver’s license, just say “I’m Rick Janes, Bitch!”