Worst Persons

Worst Person in the World

Fox News, and more specifically reporter Justin Fishel, revealed the identity of a Navy SEAL who is planning to write a book, using a pseudonym, about his participation in the Bin Laden raid.

Fox News said that “multiple sources” told the news outlet Owen’s real name but Fox did not provide any details about its decision to publish it. The book seemingly provides some clues as to the SEAL’s real identity as, according to the New York Times, Owen “recalls his childhood in Alaska.”

Defense Department, CIA and White House officials said they have not reviewed the content of Owen’s book and that they first heard of its existence from media reports. And as the Fox report publishing Owen’s name notes, he “could be exposing himself to legal trouble, as the Pentagon has not vetted the account“

First of all you can't expect anyone to believe Fishel revealed his identity without clearance from the brass at Fox HQ.

Secondly -- what happened to secrecy? Fox News has lead the charge in accusing the White House of leaking secret information, and now they're outting a special operative who participated in the raid to kill Bin Laden.

Whether or not it was appropriate for "Owen" to be writing the book, it is grossly irresponsible and hypocritical for Fox News to make an attempt to ensure the book never happens.

Because that's what this is. An attempt to stop it. Fox News is a political operation. They do not want Americans to be reminded of the Obama administration's successes, and they do not want details of the raid published. And the best way to ensure it never happens is to out the man writing it.

  • bphoon

    Faux News=asshat fuckwads

  • I don’t see how his identity was a sekrit in the first place. I read the other day that the guy was from Alaska. From the article I read, the author identified the specific role he played. How hard is it for anyone who knows the names of the team members to figure out?

  • Well, now Fox has the Seals all pissed off…..too bad they can’t follow through on that.

    EDIT: I hope the gov. comes down on fox for something.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Don’t hold your your breath waiting for that to happen. Fox News and all its supporters/sychophants/acolytes will all be screaming FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS at the top of their furry lungs if that happens. Even those who disagree with them will be supporting them. It’s a no-win situation.

      • Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure. The Seals had every right to keep their identities concealed, and Pres. Obama was also very concerned about that. The first amendment doesn’t cover disclosing gov. secrets.

        adds……..see the first comment at the bottom of the page, victor.

        • Victor_the_Crab

          Good point, nicole. I just feel rather cynical after what had happened to Valerie Plame, and how those Republican bastards got away with outing her as a CIA agent.

          • yeah, I hear ya! I am very cynical myself these days.

          • Well she was a libel so they didn’t care. I think this guy is a conservative and actually had some criticism of the President. That is the one thing that would argue against FOX putting him to block publication. Regardless, I think this Seal is going to end up suing Fox civilly for endangering his life and he will have a pretty good case. He might win some serious dough.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Now wait a minute! Where is that new “Special Ops Opsec” group screaming about this? you know, those asshats that just released a “documentary” about how the Obama admin’s leaks of classified information are gonna get people killed (I know more about them then I care to as the local news is giddy about it since the group held a “world premiere” here last night.

    I guess they’re hiding in the same holes they stayed in when bushCo (a) outed a covert operative, (2) increased the threat to all of us by sanctioning torture and (iii) put many of us in direct harm’s way to settle a score (Iraq).

    • They’re over there complaining about Joe Biden because the people who have been using slavery metaphors for years (including literally referring to regulation of Wall Street as slavery) told them to.

      • Brutlyhonest

        Now that you mention Uncle Joe, the “leader” (dick quotes absolutely appropriate) of this new group was on tehTeeVee last night crying that Biden spilled the beans that ST6 got bin Laden which made them and their families targets. Out of the other side of his mouth, he was boohooing about the President taking too much credit.

        In addition to their general full-of-shit positions and ridiculous contradictions, I’m continually amazed by just how scared of everything and whiny right wing “tough guys” are.

  • It is when something like this happens that I find myself just wanting badly to see them all smote by the god I don’t believe in.

    I hate these fucking religious-fascist republicans.

  • And if it just happens to get the man and his family killed along they way? Hey, omelet, eggs…

    • D_C_Wilson

      Besides, if he were a Real American ™ he’d be doing everything he can to get that Kenyan usurper out of the White House before he unleashes the UN tanks to away our freedoms!

  • So, if Fox News relesase his real name could we not charge then for releasing top secret info? I mean, this guys name are kept secret for a reason and releasing his real name not only indangers his life the the lives of his whole squad.

    • They could be violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. I’m pretty sure this applies to anyone who is required to maintain covert ID not just CIA.


      “Disclosing Intelligence Identities – 50 U.S.C. § 421. The Intelligence Identities Protection Act prohibits the unauthorized disclosure of information identifying certain U.S. intelligence officers, agents, informants or sources.”

      Either way, if FOX does this, they will have screwed up this man’s entire career.