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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

An employee of U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Presidio, Texas displayed a sign outside their government housing building on Halloween that read "only American families receive sweets."

The unnamed employee reportedly asked children if they're U.S. citizens before deciding if they deserve candy.

Adilene Saenz, a Presidio resident, saw the sign when she was out trick-or-treating with her daughter. She told CBS 7 that the person handing out candy at the door was dressed as Uncle Sam. Other residents indicated that the CBP personnel may have been dressed as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. [...]

As of 2013, the town of Presidio has a 82.7 percent Latino population and has friendly ties to Ojinaga, its sister city in Mexico.

It wouldn't necessarily be earth-shaking news to find that a border protection agency employee has strong opinions on immigration, but can we leave the children out of this?

Do Batgirl or Spider-Man really need to provide proof of citizenship before you hand them a goddamn Snickers bar?

The employee reportedly asked only Spanish-speaking children if they're citizens, but in a city that is nearly 83 percent Latino it's a good bet that many of them are both A) American citizens and B) speak Spanish.

I can only imagine how ridiculous this must seem to people in other nations where virtually everyone is bilingual.

  • bphoon

    When I lived in San Diego, I had occasion to interact with several Border Patrol (as they were called then) through my work. To a person, they were some of the most arrogant cocksuckers I’ve ever had to deal with. They like to let everyone within earshot know they’re “Federal Agents” as frequently as they can and seem to think they’re untouchable by any other entity.

    In my judgement, the ones I had to deal with must have been rejects from legitimate police agencies.

  • Georgie

    I’m sure with luck this person can get Kim Davis’s lawyer.

  • muselet

    This culero can expect the GOP presidential candidates to express their support within minutes, if it hasn’t started already.