Worst Persons

Music teacher Jonathan Zeng thought he landed a new job at Cincinnati Hills, but then he was fired several hours later.

Why? Because he's gay. But that's not all.

The nondenominational Christian academy Cincinnati Hills is receiving some serious flak today for allegedly rescinding a job offer extended to music teacher Jonathan Zeng because he answered affirmatively when asked if he was gay.

According to Zeng, he had accepted a job at the academy's Armleder School only hours before the offer was retracted.

In a letter to the school board's trustees, Zeng wrote that he was called back to answer some questions after he noted on his application that he believes "in Christ's unconditional love and that we as Christ's followers are to show that love to all without judgment."

Apparently it was his response that "prompted [school administrator David Thompson] to ask if I was a homosexual."

"Christ's followers are to show that love to all without judgment."

Unconditional love for fellow humans!? Heresy! Burn the witch! You're fired!

So here's a lesson for the real Christians out there applying for jobs at Christian academies. Don't profess unconditional love or else your future employer may fire you.

  • Draxiar

    Ah…nothing like some good Christian discrimination and hypocrisy to justify exactly the opposite of Christ’s message.

  • quakerinabasement

    Sometimes you have to deny the savior in order to worship the savior. Or something.

  • muselet

    When Zeng asked Thompson why his private sexuality would present a problem for the school, the administrator cited proximity to children and “the sanctity of marriage” as factors in the academy’s policy not to hire homosexuals.

    It’s stuff like this that reminds me of Gandhi’s supposed response when asked what he thought of western civilization: “That would be a good idea.”