Republican Party

Worst Persons in the World

Easily the Loudoun County, Virginia Republicans for posting this graphic in their Halloween-themed email newsletter:

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Yeah, that's a zombie version of President Obama with a bullet hole in his forehead. A bullet hole.

Or as Fox News Channel euphemistically described as "a leaky hole in his head."

  • Republicans = Thrasymachus “Listen [Socrates]—I say that justice is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger.”

    • incredulous72

      Oh, he (Thrasymachus) was such a bully doofus.

  • West_of_the_Cascades

    They suck, and even their own side is calling this out for crossing a line. What’s particularly appalling to me is that this had to be a very conscious decision — someone made up what was otherwise a pretty funny (let’s be objective here) bit of lampooning of their political opponents, and then — with the memory of the shootings in Arizona of Judge Roll and Rep. Giffords still very fresh — deliberately decided to add a bullet hole in the Zombie President’s head. That wasn’t something impulsive — you can imagine they had a series of conferences with the artist, some meetings, and a bunch of Louden republicans all decided together “yeah, let’s add a bullet hole to the President’s head.” Then they looked at proofs of it and said “yeah, that looks GREAT!” So I have to imagine there were a number of points where one person (or the group) could have said “this would cross a line if we were to do it” and then went ahead and did it anyway … conscienceless bastards …

  • they probably call themselves god fearing people

  • probably call themselves god fearing people

  • Apparently they learned absolutely NOTHING from the Arizona shootings.

    But hey, they’re not violent people, they just like to incite others to violence.

    Fucking DISGRACEFUL.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Just further evidence that the modern GOP, in the absence of any real policy accomplishments, and given that most of its traditional platform has either failed, been proven wrong or unworkable, or been co-opted by centrist Democrats, is defined only by who and what it hates.

    Being a Republican in the 21st century means you don’t have to believe in anything; you just have to hate Democrats. Everything else follows from that.

    • burbank_burt

      Great comment GrafZeppelin127.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      I should probably say, being a Republican voter, supporter, enabler or fan means you don’t have to believe in anything. Sure, you can pretend to believe in broad, abstract platitudes like “freedom” and “capitalism” that everyone believes in, or in undefinable slogans like “limited government” and “states’ rights” that are suddenly not a problem anymore when Republicans are in charge even though they’re not materially different at any other time.

      Being an actual Republican, meaning an actual political candidate or elected officeholder, on the other hand, does require that you believe in something, but that something is winning elections for the sake of winning elections. And for the sake of your contributors’ bottom lines. You have to believe in making your benefactors rich, so they will make you rich in return. (To be fair, you have to believe in this to be an elected Democrat as well. The difference is that to be a Democrat, you have to believe in other things too.)

      Hence when I ask Republican voters what they believe in, and what they’re “for,” they usually give me some combination of these empty and dishonest platitudes. What they’re really “for” is sticking it to Democrats and Democratic constituencies; taking things away from undeserving strawpersons and punishing hypothetical or imaginary offenses.

      • jmby

        That’s exactly what I told my husband regarding his Republican sister, brother and our sister-in-law. How three sane and intelligent people can either call themselves Republicans or vote for Republican candidates totally confounds me. I have to conclude his family’s either selfish, racist and classist – or just fucking stupid. Either way, if they still support the Republican Party Agenda, I no longer have any respect for them. Thanksgiving’s going to be a bitch at my in-laws’ this year.