Worst Persons in the World

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Officials from six states have filed a brief with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals formally opposing Title IX protections for transgender students.

These six sacks of shit aren't merely opposing equal protection under the law, they're refusing to even recognize transgender people as the gender they identify as.

This is categorically dismissive.

The brief, filed by the states of South Carolina, West Virginia, Arizona, and Mississippi along with the governors of Maine and North Carolina, stipulates that transgender people deserve no protections under Title IX’s restrictions on discrimination on the basis of sex. Relying on dictionary definitions, the states assert that “sex is a biological reality, unlike subjective or cultural constructions of gender or gender identity.” Since Grimm was assigned the sex of female at birth, refusing him access to the boys’ restroom is not discrimination on the basis of sex because he’s being treated the same as all other “females.”

These states are essentially arguing that they aren't discriminating against a transgender boy because he is not really a boy. To say that is to not even recognize or acknowledge transgender identity.

I can't imagine this ghastly backwoods brief will hold much weight in the Fourth Circuit but, if I'm wrong and, actually, even if I'm right, this could be headed for the Supreme Court.

It wouldn't seem like a stretch to me to say these states are asking the Fourth Circuit to decide if being transgender is even real and they may ask the Supreme Court to do the same.

  • Username1016

    The worst part is the refusal to ever, ever, ever listen to someone else’s experience. Hey, I’m a white man and the cops never hassle ME! Therefore you’re full of it when you say the cops hassle YOU. I’m a woman and I’VE never felt like I was a man, therefore you’re lying and perverse if you say you feel like a man. Such an astonishing dearth of empathy.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Forget homosexuality; transgenderism is something conservatives simply cannot wrap their heads around. They cannot comprehend, reason out or even conceptualize what it is or what it means, let alone investigate or learn anything about it. Their only possible response is to dismiss it entirely, as something that doesn’t really exist at all; anything else is beyond their capacity.

    • ninjaf

      Of course they can’t wrap their heads around it. Everything in their world is binary. Being transgender leaves too much gray area and is not either/or. Their minds a’splode just trying to understand the premise, much less empathizing.

  • muselet

    Not only does the brief rely on dictionary definitions, it also never uses pronouns to refer to Gavin Grimm. The first is lazy and sloppy, the second is a more-or-less direct insult. Internet trolls grow up to become state Attorneys General. Who knew?

    The Obama Administration chimed in when the case was at the District level. It will be interesting to see what they do at the Circuit level.


  • Christopher Foxx

    To say that is to not even recognize or acknowledge transgender identity.

    Yup. That’s exactly what they think.