The Media

Worst Person

Rush Limbaugh on a report indicating that processed meats such as hot dogs increase rates of colo-rectal cancer:

Why are they just picking on the hot dogs? That's the starting point. After that, they'll go to bacon. And after that, they'll go to baloney. And whatever processed meats, after -- they'll try to put Boar's Head out of business. And after that, they're gonna come for potato chips. And after that, they're gonna go after wine. And after that, they're gonna go after Oreos -- might have to put that off until Obama's out of office, but they'll eventually go after Oreos.

Oreos. Limbaugh is calling the president an Oreo. I guess that's a companion piece to the head of the Republican Party's prior "halfrican American" remarks.

Racism and fear-mongering aside, I have one other reaction to this rant: If you're not worried, then eat up, Rush! After all, it's just a liberal conspiracy.

Hey, I wonder if there were any warnings about how Oxycotin addiction and obescity contribute to deafness and impotence. Nah. Just left-wingers going trying to keep the good shit away from Limbaugh's pie hole. His impotence and deafness were probably caused by his very healthy lifestyle.