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Wyoming Lawmaker Says He’ll Introduce a “Bathroom Bill”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

You can add Wyoming to the growing list of states dominated by Republicans that will soon consider anti-transgender "bathroom bills" to respond to a non-existent problem.

State Representative Roy Edwards (R) says he'll soon introduce a bill to restrict bathroom use even though, by his own admission, there is no real problem.

“I’ve had it (in) mind ever since the problem started happening when people of the other sex thought they could enter into the bathroom of the opposite sex,” Edwards told the Star-Tribune.

Edwards said that while this had been going on for “the last couple years,” he had not heard of any problems related to people using the bathroom in Wyoming.


Representative Edwards has unwittingly made one good point among several bad ones.

Edwards hasn't heard of any problems in Wyoming because there is no problem. But that is not to say that transgender people aren't using public restrooms in Wyoming; they almost certainly are and it's no problem at all.

There hasn't been a single documented case in the entire country of a transgender person assaulting or spying on someone in the bathroom. Wyoming is no exception. Moreover, assaulting and spying on people in the bathroom is already illegal regardless of how you identify yourself. Even if a transgender person did assault someone in a bathroom, that would not make transgender people a greater threat to the public than anyone else. It's not as if we designate straight white men as threats to the public even when one of them literally kills dozens of people.

It's possible Representative Edwards himself has used a restroom alongside a transgender person at some point in his life, but he was none the wiser. The idea that transgender bathroom use has only been going on for "the last couple years" just tells you how ignorant these men are.

  • Badgerite

    Jesus. How many transgender people can there be in Wyoming? Three?
    Oh the humanity.

  • ninjaf

    Aren’t Republicans constantly saying that there should be fewer laws? Then why, if there is no issue, should he be introducing a law? No issues means no need for a law.

    But then how will the Evangelicals know he is a true Christian if he is not willing to persecute someone who is different from themselves. You know, like Jesus would have wanted.

  • muselet

    In theory, though, Edwards believes that without his proposed law, a man could enter the women’s bathroom and spy on people.

    “Whatever their original birth certificate has, they need to be in that restroom,” he said. “That is the only way I can do a dividing line with it — other than having it where they do a DNA test.”

    Roy Edwards better have a revenue stream to pay for all the bathroom monitors that will be required. Oh, wait, no new taxes! That would seem to present a practical problem.

    Edwards has previously said that he believes sexual orientation is a choice.

    Of course he has.

    Roy Edwards is just another R with too much time on his hands and a remarkably vivid and disgusting imagination about other people’s sexual behavior.


    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      Edwards has previously said that he believes sexual orientation is a choice.

      Well then he’s going about this all wrong. He should prove the doubters wrong by proving that it is, in fact, a choice. He should simply choose to be gay for a year. That would sure show us.

      • muselet

        Ah, Dan Savage’s Choicer Challenge.

        Someone should suggest it to Roy Edwards. If nothing else, his outraged sputtering would be good for a laugh.


        • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

          Once again, Savage is, well.. Savage. He put it far more eloquently than I ever could have.

          Sexual orientation is a spectrum. The scale (if I recall correctly) goes 0-7 where zero is 100% hetero and seven is 100% homosexual. Odds are very good that almost everyone is somewhere in the middle. Only a few people are born perfect 0’s or perfect 7’s – that’s just not how biology tends to work for complex personality traits. These things tend to be bell curves.

          Our society and the pressure to conform pushes those of us who might otherwise have been 1’s or 2’s into the 0’s bucket. If you think about this, you’d see how, especially as kids, “homo” and “faggot” were favored insults (and I grew up in Los Angels!). It’s easy to see how someone with a strong hetero-bias would simple “lose” the small amount of attraction they might otherwise have had for the same sex.

          I believe that I was born a 0-2. But the subtle (and not so subtle) societal pressure in my formative years nudged me into the “perfect-zero” bucket. At this stage, I’m hardwired that I – personally – find the idea of being with another man physically repulsive. I have no issue with anyone else preferring that, but it’s definitely not for me. But maybe if society hadn’t put so much bias into it, I’d just have developed a strong preference for women and, you know, dabble a bit the other way? Probably, most people would.

          So, here’s the thing about those Choicers. They’re so damned sure that it’s a choice. How could they be so fucking certain. I never made a choice – my orientation “just happened” – societal pressure reinforcing a preexisting bias. But if I apply the model above and consider someone who might otherwise have been a 3-5 and add in significantly more pressure than I experienced (perhaps a bible-thumping community). I could see them “talking themselves into it.” I could see them having to make a concerted choice to push themselves into the 0 bucket (or, at least, act like they’re in the 0 bucket and repress their other tendencies). And because they don’t want to admit to ever having had those tendencies in the first place, they don’t talk about the choice they made to be “straight” – they act like they were born “perfect 0’s.”

          But, because they had to make a choice, well, that must mean everyone else did, too, right?


          TLDR: The Dread Pirate Mathius has a pet theory that most Choicers are repressed bisexuals.

          • muselet

            Well said.

            (One very minor, quibbling correction: the Kinsey Scale ranges from 0–6.)


  • Aynwrong

    This is the GOP in a nutshell. Burning their own country to the ground in the name of chasing and endless series of phantom menaces that exist solely in their media’s echo chamber.

    Someone should tell Roy Edwards that he and his family have previously used a public bathroom at the same time as a transgendered person. And everyone survived. Congratulations. That theoretical someone should also tell him to stop being such a snowflake.

  • Georgie
    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      Looks like he has a pretty Wide Stance…

      • Georgie