Epic Fail

Wyoming to Preemptively Nullify Federal Law That Doesn’t Exist

What was just a proposal last week has now been passed by the Wyoming House of Representatives.

via ThinkProgress

On Thursday, members of the Wyoming state House gave initial approval to a bill that would nullify any gun laws passed by the U.S. Congress pertaining to extended magazine clips or semi-automatic weapons. The move is not only unconstitutional, but it is thus far unnecessary: Congress has yet to pass any new gun laws for Wyoming to attempt to nullify.

Under the Constitution, states are not permitted to pass laws meant to supersede federal legislation. But state Rep. Kendell Kroeker (R) argued that since Congress has not yet passed any gun laws, the nullification measure did not violate the Constitution. “It is clearly a different case than trying to nullify something that’s already in existence,” Kroeker said.

Oh. You're nullifying something that doesn't exist so it's not unconstitutional. At least not yet. Thanks for making it absolutely clear that you're aware that you're nullifying something that doesn't exist.

Do Wyoming taxpayers understand that their precious tax dollars are being flushed right down the toilet as their elected representatives waste time on boondoggles like this? I know Wyoming is home to small-government-loving Real Americans, so I just thought I'd ask.

  • trgahan

    Remember, these laws are coming from the party of “strict constitutionalists.”…oh wait the Supremacy Clause only counts when the president is Republican and/or the legislation favors major GOP donors…just like the whole “questioning a war time executive is treason!” that is in there somewhere too right?

  • Draxiar

    Wouldn’t the Wyoming law then be nullified or superceeded if the Federal Law was enacted? It’s not a matter of “I was here first!” It’s a matter of Federal Law > State Law
    They just keep pouring hot sauce on stupid.

  • CodpieceWatch

    The Utah Sheriff’s department is essentially trying to do the same thing: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/55695512-78/sheriffs-law-letter-utah.html.csp

    There are indeed some dim bulbs.