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Your Handy Guide to the Most Epic Sarah Palin Speech Ever

During her speech this weekend at Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) Iowa Freedom Summit, Sarah Palin’s teleprompter allegedly malfunctioned. Consequently, she delivered possibly the most incoherent, word-salady speech of her political career. However, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the prompters worked just fine all along and, instead, Palin was simply de-evolving to a proto-hominid subspecies right before our eyes. Seriously, I’ve sat through quite a few Palin videos and, under normal circumstances, they’re usually composed of patriotic Mad Libs combined with what can be generously defined as wholesale gibberish, but this one was off-the-charts weird. Without a prompter, it was as if an entire galaxy of stupid collapsed in upon itself, coalescing into an inescapable singularity of gobbledygook.

As a public service, I’ve assembled here a selection of the most incomprehensible moments from the speech so as to provide evidence that not only would she be a fantastic candidate in the forthcoming Republican presidential primaries, but that she might also be suffering from either Syphilitic dementia or brain worms.

1) Screw the left in Hollywood! The speech began with Palin discussing how much she loves Iowans and Iowa, where she stumped for the “pistol-packin’, Harley-ridin’ mamma grizzly” Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and, on one occasion, hired the late Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, as a security guard.

It was here that we were introduced to Chris. And you know why this movie is breaking records all across this great nation, it’s because America needs a hero again. And Chris Kyle has been that man, and screw the left in Hollywood who can’t understand what it is we see in someone like Chris Kyle and all of our vets.

That’s right, screw Hollywood for only nominating American Sniper for just six Oscars. Why does the Motion Picture Academy hate movies about veterans?

2) Gun Show Irony. Palin continued by describing her book-signing appearance at a “great big gun show” recently.

So, the last couple days, my daughter Bristol and I have been at a great big gun show in Las Vegas, and there at the gun show at the SHOT Show, getting to link up with Taya, with Chris Kyle’s wife. And Taya throwing a big party there honoring vets, honoring those who have supported her cause, now that Chris is gone, and Tara [sic] carrying on her husband’s legacy.

I suppose we can forgive her for referring to Kyle’s widow Taya as “Tara,” but the irony of meeting Ms. Kyle at a gun show is thick considering how Chris Kyle was shot and killed at a gun range — by a another veteran.

3) Fuc_ You, Michael Moore. And now we get to the real reason why Palin brought up her brush with Taya Kyle in Las Vegas: so she could defend her gun show photograph with a yokel carrying a “Fuc_ You, Michael Moore” placard, with the Os in Moore’s name drawn like rifle-scope crosshairs. As always, Palin kept it classy.

Weeellll, at this party — man it always seems like we’re always kinda’ going rogue or something, something always happens — we’re, we’re at the party and I’m with Taya [Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle], we’re signing books, and in the back this young, very energetic, very bold young vet, he holds up a sign and it was, uh, bold four-letter message to Michael Moore. [Unintelligible] right now.

There’s no evidence… CONTINUE READING

ht OFAC Lawyer Kaveh Miremadi

  • ninjaf

    Was anyone else creeped out by her “joke” about Trig’s dog dressed only in a leather collar, implying that she (the dog) was a nude family member into BDSM?

    • Stryker

      Yes, that was oddly spoken. lol It sounded like she was trying to reference PETA and her word salad won.

  • Stryker

    People have every right to provide constructive criticism for public statements. Sarah has a right to comment on the Presidents words, some of which have disrespected various Americans (it’s a vast country, so it’s expected of any president to inadvertently insult some people). Liberals employ double standards like it’s nobodies business. All they do is personally attack at the same time complaining when people “personally attack” their president. In reality, conservatives are the ones who receive the most “personal
    hate when the haters don’t know them.

    At the end of the day, Sarah is like you: mother who’s finds happiness in little things. Friend, who has the same friends shes always had. courageous speaker, you cannot deny that.

    Just watch, people will attack this.

    We don’t know these people, you or I.

    Clearly, Obama, Palin and others can withstand heat. They all know their inner strengths, their families true inner strengths. You and I will never know them. I suggest we stop acting like it and stick to the non-personal.

    • Treading_Water

      I don’t know about your mother, but mine would never pose in front of a Fuc* Micheal Moore sign. That kind of language is very offensive to her. I guess your mom has lower standards.

      • Stryker

        I actually am not one who uses profane words because it just sounds weird coming from me. Not to say I’ve never expressed an F bomb. But I have two master’s degrees and words are words to me. The growth of language over time is pretty fascinating. Last week I was out looking for new children’s books for my youngest and found an interesting one. I purchased it and bought it home. Well, funnily, it’s a book my daughter’s teacher reads in class. As soon as she saw it she went on about thing in it and about one of the characters, who is a teacher. The teacher’s name happens to be a word that wouldn’t have been on the same level as the F word in 1890. That humoured me immensely because I am very familiar with that era and things they outlawed or considered very controversial.

        But as such with Palin’s speech, no matter the reason for it, people are more than welcome to take issue with language they themselves wouldn’t use. Would you be able to be friends with one who curses? I have friends who have sailor mouths and it doesn’t detract from our relationship. It’s just a silly thing to dislike a person for if you really think about it.

        By the way, I thought of that story because my aunt was born in that era of “polite speech” and you mentioning your mother, regardless of her age brought it to my mind.

        • KarenJ

          Have you ever watched Sarah Palin’s speeches, forays into social media (internet video websites, Facebook, and Twitter), and her attempts to break into the Hollywood TV empire she derides every chance she gets (“screw Hollywood”)?

          They’ve always been sharp and pointed jabs, most often turned on President Obama no matter what the original theme might have been, but lately they’ve been a disjointed melange of words striking out at everyone, as if she’s an abused 4-limbed critter cowering in a corner.

          That’s why some folks hint at possible abuse suffered in her early life. It’s hard to imagine why else she displays so much aggression toward a myriad number of perceived enemies, using as much sexually-charged language as she has done in the public life we’ve known of her in the past 6 years.

          • Stryker

            I don’t see sharp jabs. I see opinions being spoken about things, about policies that a lot of people don’t like. The obesity meal plan, few like it.

            On the other side, I absolutely have heard some disguised racially charged rhetoric from the left. It’s tapered off in the last year but it has existed.

            And by your logic, are you saying that all the “liberal” commentators on the internet who completely trash and berate the opposite party, often just for fun (you may not see it. I don’t know where you go online) were abused? These types of attacks are flown at everyone in public life, celebs, politicians, whomever people need to hate on on any given day. So, I guess it isn’t partisan. It’s not a republican or democrat thing. History shows us human nature is ugly. No one is wholly good. And no one should be subjected to the lowest pit of hell forever for being human. If a hell exists, pretty sure we’re all going there. Just the same party in a different place haha. (Sorry, I choose to find humor in things)

            But there is zero defense for anyone who calls someone a transvestite or pedophile. I loved Joan Rivers but she often went too far (her obama is gay and michelles a man thing)

            I think the reason I will never return to a desk job is just in how easy it is to surf the net when business is slow. It’s hard to escape mean people online. People whose lives clearly revolve around their obsession with others’ media-created drama. No one had to tell me this behavior was bad or weird. It’s behavior I don’t understand. Do people really think words in comments matter to the subjects being written about? Some of hollywood’s biggest humanitarians are subjected to this treatment. That speaks volumes. Haters really do feed people’s fire. It gives the victim’s future generations proof the victim was wronged.

            As far as Palin’s chosen language, that makes sense to me. My aunt, older by 25 years, was a graduate student in the 60s. She witnessed how male-dominated the world is and lives against that to an extreme degree. She entered a VERY male-dominated field, one that it took women a long time to be successful in. Even today, men are still crass and unthinking. I worked in finance. I’ve seen my male counterparts physically grab women’s derriers in public. I believe Sarah has used language as your describe as a way to fight back for all women. She knows she’s been considered the a prominent female face in the public arena. She knows she’s inspired many youth and others to stand up for themselves. She knows Hillary was once a terribly hated individual, in pretty much everything. Sure there are successful women who aren’t outspoken and achieve big things. Carly Fiorina is a wonderful example. She’d be a great lawmaker. But she fails to grab attention. Everyone is a role model for someone. Everyone is an example of something good and bad. Everyone has flaws. Dn’t condemn someone for finding inspiration in a person you disapprove of. I am optimistic enough to believe one day even the most crass and callous of men will soften. It is possible. Everyone learns in time.

            My hero is the Woz. A truly good man. Gifted, intelligent, giving (hard to come by at that social level). A friend to all kinds and business partner to an individual truly opposite of him.

            I remember reading a story where Sarah’s friend told her about her spousal abuse, drawing tear from Sarah’s eyes. I read that at huffington post I believe. I cshoose respect for all types, even if I disagree. There is a reason for things and it’s something I cannot understand. Not my place to understand.

          • Treading_Water

            Carly Fiorina is a failed CEO who almost ran HP into the ground. Her one achievement is the golden parachute that HP gave her to go away.

    • Nefercat

      “In reality, conservatives are the ones who receive the most “personalhate when the haters don’t know them. Alinsky is a very pertinent thing.”
      That is utter, total, complete bs. Every word of it.

      • Stryker

        It’s not like the opposite is true. It’s equal if anything.

        I condemn both sides for such things

        • KarenJ

          Please don’t use the “both sides do it” excuse.

          Attacks, legitimate as well as completely false, on liberals come from the propaganda arm of the Republican party — Fox News and all its offshoots — as well as the virus-spread of the conservative blogosphere.

          There is no separation between them. Lies generated in the conservative blogosphere are spread via copy-and-paste among the entire community, and Fox News reports on what the conservative blogosphere is nattering about as if the topic is fact-based rather than lies.

          At least what few liberal news outlets there are do due diligence for background facts before they report, and if they make a mistake, they don’t take a week to mention it. And the few organizations that do fact-checking invariably find that more conservative claims are some proportion of untruth to the point of “pants on fire” than is found with liberal claims.

          • Stryker

            Seriously? Herman Cain was run off for being NO different than Bill Clinton. Both are accomplished men. There are many cases like that.

            It’s equal. Leave it at that.

            Media-driven sludge. Our media must change. NO ONE deserves to be personally destroyed for things most humans do. Media is shameful. We are all the same living beings capable for learning and moving on.

          • Treading_Water

            Herman Cain used a Pokemon lyric as an example of his favorite poet. He used the default economic setting of Sim City as his economic plan. Herman Cain was not the example you wanted. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and went on to earn his law degree at Yale. Cain was a BS from Morehouse who went on to earn his MS from Purdue. Clinton is an intelligent well spoken and educated man. Cain was a bit of a buffoon and a political joke.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Bob, “that yokel”, that “young, very energetic, very bold young vet” holding that sign wasn’t just anybody – he is Dakota Meyer, a Medal Of Honor recipient. He also appeared on the season finale of Amazing America w/ Palin, season one.

    He wasn’t just some guy in the crowd – Palin knew exactly who he was. And many people are now questioning whether that Medal Of Honor recipient was exercising good judgment holding up that sign with the cross hairs. Some say its conduct unbecoming to a Medal Of Honor recipient. And I happen to agree.

    • alwaysthink

      Micheal Moore also has a great reply to all the Hate on his Facebook.

      It think the real story is about how Angry Bush era Vets must be that it is driving them towards this kind of behavior. This is Nam all over again if your old enough to remember that as an adult. Lots of Vets felt ashamed and/or taken advantage of by having served in Nam. They were told that most Americans were hostile to them because most opposed the War. That wasn’t true that anyone spat on individual Vets but the RW convinced them of that lie. The same is happening now because these guys are in mental turmoil and are easy to exploit if you can demonize someone like Moore who actually does lots of good stuff for Vets.

    • Stryker

      Still a good man, who deserved to be honored by the President and express his opinion about a liberals anti-soldier comments. MM has every right to speak and people, a lot of them, have every right to criticize. You criticize everything Sarah says even the positive things. You write nasty things and make things up to suit you.
      Why do you use double standards?