Your Health Insurance Sucks…

...Even if you work for a major health insurance provider.

INDIANAPOLIS - WellPoint Inc., the largest U.S. insurer, dismissed a "small number" of workers last week and announced cuts to employee health benefits Friday, in its latest attempt to deal with the recession's toll on enrollment.

WellPoint eliminated the positions last week and expects to let more go before year's end, though the number will be "relatively small," Kristin Binns, a spokeswoman, said in a telephone interview. The company will also raise deductibles and premiums for some of its employee health benefits, the Indianapolis-based insurer told workers in a memo obtained by Bloomberg.

So a "small number of workers" will lose their health insurance, and the rest will have to give up more of their paycheck to finance it.

If a health insurance company is doing this to its own people, what will they do to you?

Oh, and the WellPoint CEO pulled down $10 million last year.

And WellPoint is under investigation for illegally coercing their employees to lobby Congress against healthcare reform.

The president often says, "If you like the health insurance you have now..." The thing is, the health insurance you have now really, really sucks. Your coverage is a ticking time bomb, and you could lose it any moment -- irrespective of political party or ideology. Good luck!