Election 2012

Keep Going!

Not-surprisingly, Governor Rick Scott's voter purge crusade isn't very popular and isn't doing him any favors.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s continued push to remove hundreds of eligible voters is unpopular with both Democrat and Republican voters, according to Public Policy Polling. Just 31 percent approve of Scott’s performance and 56 percent disapprove. Support has dropped off among Republicans as well, which reflects the bipartisan opposition to his voter suppression efforts, including both Republican and Democrat local election officials. The voter purge especially targets minority voters, and more Hispanics (14 percent) and African-Americans (8 percent) said they knew someone who was removed from the voter rolls.

The PPP poll also reveals that 17 percent of Republicans polled would cast their vote for a generic Democrat if the next gubernatorial election were held today.

Florida's 67 election supervisors, 30 of which are Republicans, are refusing to carry out Scott's voter purge, meaning Rick Scott has virtually nothing to show for his efforts other than another bruise on the Republican party's and potential VP candidate Marco Rubio's image.

Rick Scott, the nation's most unpopular governor, is the best campaigner Democrats could ever hope for in the state of Florida. You're doing great!