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10 Things From Fox News Channel That Are Way Worse Than Martin Bashir’s Poop Remark

Today on Fox & Friends, Sarah Palin praised MSNBC for accepting Martin Bashir’s resignation after the anchor delivered a monologue in which he suggested pooping in Palin’s mouth. While in poor taste, the line was a reference to the treatment of slaves in the old South in an attempt to debunk Palin’s remarks about the national debt being like slavery.

Try not to snarf your beverage when you read this but today Palin said to talking monkeys Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, “It was refreshing to see, though, that many in the media did come out and say, ‘Look, our standards have to be higher than this.’”

And guess what? She’s right. Cable news standards should be higher. So perhaps Palin should begin with her own house: Fox News Channel. It’s well documented and a huge understatement that Fox News wallows in its own egregiously awful standards — far worse by a factor of a thousand than any other cable news outfit. The very existence of integrity-free Fox & Friends alone would make Paddy Chayefsky and Edward R. Murrow spin in their graves, say nothing of the existence of the standard-less network on which it airs.

So while Palin and others dance on Bashir’s career grave, while simultaneously demanding higher standards in cable news, here now are ten things from Fox News Channel that are way worse than what Martin Bashir said. And it’s worth noting that no one was fired or forced to resign as a consequence of these things… [CONTINUE READING]