Election 2012

$10,000 is A Lot of Money

The Republican presidential frontrunner has so much money, he can casually place $10,000 bets on national television.

DES MOINES — This should play well to the 99% crowd: without skipping a beat at the Saturday night debate here, Mitt Romney held out his hand and offered to bet Rick Perry $10,000 that he didn’t change the health care text in his book..

In a throwback to debates from the late summer, Perry was attacking Romney over a claim that Romney changed the text his book, No Apology between hardback and softcover editions to delete a line about taking his Massachusetts health care plan to the whole country.

Romney said the story was not true and bet Perry $10,000 Perry couldn’t prove.

The Democrats are jumping all over this, and rightfully so. Remember when McCain couldn't count all of the houses he owns? This is just as bad.