2 Million Free Pizzas

If you're someone who has ever ordered from Papa John's Pizza you're probably familiar with the frequency at which they bombard your email inbox with advertisements for cheap pizza, buy-one-get-one-free offers, and flash promotional deals that severely undercut the competition's prices.

And if you're someone who has even glanced at a television within the past 4 months, you're probably also familiar with this.

If Papa John's Pizza can afford to give away free pizzas with such reckless abandon, why do they need to cut back hours just to get around covering their employee's healthcare?

Personally I haven't ordered from Papa John's since CEO John Schnatter originally complained earlier this year that he would have to raise prices by 14 cents per pie to cover the increased cost, and I'm embarrassed that I ever did.

John Schnatter was a high profile fundraiser for Mitt Romney during the 2012 election.