Civil liberties

44% of Americans identify with Nazis

Bishops-salute-Hitler.jpgThe AP reported yesterday that researchers at Cornell University did a nationwide poll that found 44% of Americans feel that the civil rights of Muslim Americans should be curtailed.

Does that sound at all familiar? Does it remind you of a certain European country in the 1930s? One that rhymes with "Schermany"?

And guess what? Republicans and "people who described themselves as highly religious" were the majority of the 44%! Perhaps even less surprisingly pathetic, the people who watch television news were more likely to fear terrorist attacks, thus, more likely to think curtailing the rights of Muslim Americans is a dandy idear.

Question for the 44%: Do you think we should've curtailed the rights for white, Midwestern, Gulf War vets after Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma?

Probably not. Because you probably look a lot like Timothy McVeigh, don't you, you 44%?

If we go with this rights curtailing business, I think it'd be just great if we could corral these Muslim Americans into some neighborhoods -- call 'em ghettos. Maybe even, and I know this sounds ambitious, put 'em in camps! They could work in the camps, too, to help the war effort. And maybe these camps could have special showers, and, when certain Muslims got too old, or sick, or troublesome...well, you know...

Hey: Racists. Muslim Americans worked in the Twin Towers. They died on 9/11. Did you, you piece of shit?