A Bump in the Polls

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist -- Kevin Siers)

In other news, it appears increasingly likely that Bullshit Committee Chairman Trey Gwody is responsible for the misleading claim that the Department of Justice is investigating Hillary Clinton. There's a shocker.

Meanwhile, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is palling around with terrorists, including a three-time abortion bomber.

And finally, if you've ever wondered what it looks like when monkeys discover how to use sticks as tools, here's your chance to see.

Forgive the long quote, but it appears as if two Senators have discovered pragmatism as if it were a new concept.

“The model I think that we can be is you have two people who are pretty well-known for their diverse philosophy from each other, and yet when some things rise to the point where it’s beyond just a personal prejudiced position and it’s for the good of the country, you can rise above it. I think we’ve seen that before. We’ve seen that in the education bill.” [...]

“We backed off the super poison pills, let’s be clear. In other words, if Jim had attached — I don’t even want to say it because he’ll get mad … we’re going to repeal all environmental laws,” Boxer said. “He knows he can’t get that by me, and I couldn’t do things you know, where I just said all the labor laws, we want to strengthen them and make labor more powerful in negotiations. Of course not.”

Inhofe mentioned some of the wish-list items he had to forego.

“Endangered species things. I would [have liked] to have had something in there where we have an exemption from … the obstacles in the construction of roads, and so you know neither Barbara or I were victorious,” he said.

Yes, that is the model.