Epic Fail

A Lesson in Bad Optics

From the Derpartment of "you can't make this shit up."

Mitt Romney had no public events on his schedule yesterday which left the traveling press flummoxed. But like a good press corps scorned, they found out where Romney was hiding.

But one good source close to the campaign has spilled the beans: Romney and some of his biggest fundraisers spent part of the day in the executive lunchroom of a New York law firm Weil Gotshal & Manges, making phone calls to recruit other financial rainmakers.

The Fifth Avenue firm has one of the country’s leading bankruptcy practices.

The big excitement of the day was not the candidate, however, but the Donald.

The source said Donald Trump showed up and actually got on the phone with potential fundraisers. Some of the other big moneymen there were so thrilled by the appearance of an honest-to-goodness celebrity that they interrupted their phone time to ask him to pose for pictures.

Fundraising with Donald Trump at a law firm specializing in bankruptcy. Oh and Mitt's presence was completely overshadowed by "The Donald."

Reminder -- Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy four times, and Mitt Romney made a name for himself at Bain Capital by bankrupting companies for profit.